Jaime Camil

He is giving to earthquake relief every day for 60 days.

Photo by Lionel Deluy. Grooming by Emma Willis.

When a deadly earthquake struck Mexico City on Sept. 19, 2017, Jaime Camil acted quickly.

The actor is known for his roles in Mexican telenovelas and the hit show, “Jane the Virgin.” And Mexico City is his hometown.

Jaime has been tweeting daily about his commitment to support locally driven relief and recovery efforts through GlobalGiving. With 4 million Twitter fans, his support has made a huge difference for earthquake survivors.

Here’s what Jaime told GlobalGiving about his strong ties to Mexico City:

“I remember the 1985 earthquake perfectly. I was on the eighth floor of a Polanco building eating my breakfast when the earthquake hit. And it was just brutal. It was 8-point something, the building shook like you have no idea. It was horrible. And for many days, my mother and I helped by making sandwiches and taking them to the affected areas,” he said.

Since the 1985 earthquake, Mexico City residents conduct regular earthquake drills. One happened right before the 2017 quake, Jaime said.

“What are the odds that this second horrible, massive earthquake hit Mexico the same day, just an hour and a half after everyone did the national earthquake drill? Thank God, everyone just did the drill so it was fresh in their heads. I think that saved a lot of lives. A lot of people were aware of what to do because they had just done it,” he said.

Jaime is ready to be there for Mexico City—for as long as it takes to fully recover.

“Tragedies don’t go away because they aren’t in the news. It takes a lot of time to rebuild a country materially and morally,” Jaime said. “When a disaster is no longer in the news, people forget about it. The reconstruction doesn’t take only a week, or however long the media decides it will give them ratings.”
“Every time I want to help a cause, you guys are my first pick,” Jaime said of GlobalGiving. “I know that I’m in good hands and that resources are going to be used correctly.”

Check out #60DiasConMexico on Twitter to learn more about the movement to support long-term recovery in Mexico City.

Join Jaime in supporting GlobalGiving’s Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund.

This is a story from GlobalGiving’s new Voices From The Crowd series.