Noorkin and Yacob

They survived a brutal attack on their village—and they’re doing their best to start over in Bangladesh.

Photo and story courtesy of World Vision, a GlobalGiving partner

Noorkin and her son Yacob live in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. Their home in Myanmar was burned to the ground in a brutal attack described by the United Nations as ethnic cleansing.

Yacob told World Vision about his escape:

“Back in Myanmar, my father was a farmer, and he also went fishing. Along with my siblings, I used to attend school regularly. I was in Grade 2 when we left. We used to learn Burmese literature in school. But it all came to an end the day our house got burnt. The houses in our village was on fire. We couldn’t run to the jungle because it was on fire, too. We flee to another village, but that village was also attacked. We were stranded so we fled again to a canal and stayed there for two days with no food. We made it across the border and now we live here in the camps.”

He also described what he’s learning through World Vision programs at the camp where he lives:

“I like being a leader. At the centre, I get the children together and them ask them to follow me when I am doing the actions. I tell them, ‘Please, I am going to start reciting the poem, so follow me.’ I am a good boy and a quick learner. I also make other children laugh. It is fun. I want to learn more and more because I want to become a teacher when I grow up.”

Of her children, Noorkin said:

“They are slowly getting back to feeling normal again. I desire a bright future for my children where they can be what they want to be.”

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