She doesn’t want any hurricane survivor to come home to an empty cupboard.

Imagine filling hundreds of plastic bins with pots and pans, dishes and silverware, sheets and blankets — one-by-one, all by hand, in sweltering, triple-digit heat.

That’s exactly what Renee Cavazos did in the difficult days and weeks that followed Hurricane Harvey.

Renee is a project coordinator with the Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County. Her job picks up after her co-worker, Sara, finds a home for a person displaced by Harvey.

She partners with local businesses, including Exclusive Furniture, to furnish and stock temporary apartments for Hurricane Harvey survivors.

“It’s about making sure people have what they need to restart their lives,” Renee said. “I know for sure that everything I touch is going straight to a family in need.”

So far, Renee has helped furnish more than 345 homes and stock more than 400 pantries for Harvey survivors.

Learn more about GlobalGiving’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which is supporting this project.

This is a story from GlobalGiving’s “After the Storm” series.