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A true Love story

On the 15th Feb 2012, I got a call from a good friend (Miguel) who was so excited to tell me what happened to him the night before on the way home from an event I hosted called ‘The Language of Love; Who is Valentine?” this event was all about real love and inviting those who attended to realise valentine’s day is just a commercial date and that love is everywhere always in all-ways. So, as Miguel left the event to head home, he found an envelope on the floor outside the tube station he was entering. When he picked it up, it said ‘To You’ At first he thought somebody had maybe dropped it and wasn’t sure whether to read it but intriguingly decided to anyway and as he pulled out the letter, the first line read; “Even though I do not know you”…

What he continued to read touched his heart so profoundly that the next day as soon as he woke up he called me to share what had happened and how he felt. It turned out that the love note was an anonymous loving note to whomever would have found it. After he had read it to me on the phone and on feeling his elation I instantly said come and visit me at my home in Brighton the next weekend and let’s film your story and get out on the streets to pay forward this wonderful random selfless act of loving kindness.

That weekend four of us got together and went out on the streets of Brighton and had so much fun. It was so simple, so powerful and so much fun. We didn’t know then how profound this act truly was and none of us had ever written anonymous love letters in this way before. One of the pure highlights is when we saw a person find one that we had hidden. And what was also apparent is that you feel mischievous and slightly scared as you drop these love letters without wanting to get seen. Almost like you are stealing something when in fact you are giving unconditionally. A few times I have had somebody bring me the letter I’ve dropped and said ‘excuse me you dropped something’ and I have walked off saying, no its not mine, it must be for you!” After this initial weekend one thing lead to another. We filmed our experience, captured photos and started sharing this love story to friends and family.

This may sound clichéd but I am telling you this loving ripple was doing us; this force was taking ‘us’ on a journey not the other way around.

What happened next was what drove me personally to continue this simple act of love up until this day. I was with my friend Pedro off to film a conversation for Simon on the Sofa and were travelling to meet two women who at the time were editors for Prediction Magazine, when we arrived we set up and filmed another inspiring conversation and afterwards we excitedly shared our experience with dropping anonymous love letters all over Brighton the weekend before. They loved the idea and said they would feature it in their magazine and share with friends. That was that, we left and headed to the bus stop and jumped on a bus from Stoke Newington (North London) back to Victoria Train Station (South London) approx 6 miles away and 30 minutes’ travel time. On the way, I wrote an anonymous love letter and filmed ‘this video’. When we were leaving the bus, I dropped the letter on the back seat and we went on our merry way. The next day Pedro and I were at home and when I opened my Facebook account, the first message I received was from Gemma, one of the women we filmed on the sofa; this was on the 13/03/2012 and the message read; Si I think you’ll like this; and she had added a link to this picture here of the letter and envelope and the text underneath the image read:

I just had one of, if not the hardest and emotionally draining afternoons at work ever. I get on the bus to find this waiting in my seat. Whoever left it I FUCKING love you too. And by the way this wasn’t just another bad day. The guy who was arguing with me used the fact that he was carrying body parts up from the underground on 7/7- and that was a relevant point!!

As I read the letter multiple waves of energy pulsated and tingled throughout my body and I was elated. I was literally blown away by this love in action. That love found exactly who needed it most. So just to put this in context if it’s not already clear; that letter which I dropped on the back of the bus had to go all the way back to Stoke Newington where he boarded the bus (North London), so the busy bus travelled another 30 minutes at least, stopping at however many stops and letting on multiple passengers and yet nobody else opened the letter. This among many other stories like this is what has literally compelled me to continue this simple anonymous loving act and what made me then buy a domain name called ‘Global Love Letters’ a global movement with a simple intention to spread loving messages across the globe by writing anonymous love letters addressed “For You” and signed “I Love You” and then dropping them absolutely anywhere and everywhere.

A few months after launching I received a message from the mother of the girl who wrote the actual note which Miguel found. It turned out that every valentines and Christmas both her and her friend go out with many anonymous notes and drop them around the city. After a while people started contacting me having shared it on their blogs or in community events. Along the way I have been invited on the radio and podcasts to share this love story and to encourage others to start in their country, town, city or communities.

Since that day in 2012 the adventure has been beyond words. The testimonials and feedback from people all over the globe is humbling as they share their experiences of feeling deeply loved and connected through the process.

Of course, writing a love letter isn’t a new idea but doing it in this selfless way is unfamiliar for people and it brings up all kinds of emotion. It’s very difficult for some to write a universal love letter and receive that love too. This is the language of love in full flow. Think of the ripples of unconditional giving we can all create if we choose to.

I love you all and love can only do what loves does and that is be that which it is. For a global shift in perception to occur on a mass scale it is simple loving acts which have the most profound impact. When I move into a simpler, gratified and consciously aware space of reality, everything changes. Writing an anonymous love letter and dropping it anywhere in the world for somebody to find is pure unconditional love in action. The beautiful thing about this act is, I write it to myself and it resonates to all. We need no money to do this. No price tag on love, its free. This is divinity in full essence. There are no blocks or walls to love, only the ones we create within our own minds. We are in control of our reality, we paint it every day with the actions we choose and the thoughts we think, the promises we make & the beliefs we uphold. So, if you want to feel unconditional love today in its purest form, become part of the Global delivery of love letters and write one for yourself.

Simplicity is divinity ♥



Global Love Letters  —  Spreading unconditional love by writing anonymous love letters, addressed “For You” and signed “I Love You”.

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