Why is Ruby on Rails a Perfect Choice for Your Startup?

There are several stumbling points often encountered by startuppers. One of them is deciding what programming language or technology should be used for the web development project. There are so many options, so it can become a tough call for an entrepreneur. And this stage is indeed essential for any startup, since irrelevant choice can cost them too much, in case the work of the website or application is unstable.

Paying little attention to the selection of a programming technology can lead to future problems with the product, which include issues with debugging, documenting, bug fixing, and productivity. All these issues, in their turn, lead poor performance, customers’ disappointment and the loss of profits.

How to prevent this? To choose the right programming framework for your future product! In this article, we would like to have a look upon Ruby on Rails — a decent candidate for the election in this context. We will discover what it is good for and give some recommendations that may help you decide what to choose.

Ruby on Rails was created 11 years ago, but it hasn’t ceded its grounds and is still a very sought-after technology. Based on Hotframeworks ranking, it is in the Top 3 of the most widely used frameworks. It is extremely popular among GitHub and Stack Overflow users, and many cool sites and apps are built with this technology. Why is it so attractive to so many programmers and the owners of the companies?

7 Reasons to Choose Ruby on Rails for a Startup

  1. Time efficiency. In general, it allows creating apps 30–40% faster in comparison with other similar frameworks. With Ruby’s integrated development instruments, flexible syntax and modules the speed of MVP’s development can be rocketing.
  2. Cost effectiveness. The framework itself is an open-source licensed product, which means you will be able to use, modify and distribute it for free. Moreover, there are plenty of ready-made gems (libraries for Ruby on Rails) that significantly facilitate developers’ tasks.
  3. Ideal for developing a Minimum Viable Product. Validating the business idea with the help of MVP is one of the effective strategies of building successful startup stories. In conditions of constrained budget and limited time frames (both not rare for startups), Ruby on Rails comes up with its wide specter of flexible coding instruments.
  4. Stability and security. RoR provides us with a mature and consistent technology, offering a suit of enjoyable features and compatibility with multiple platforms and other frameworks. It allows downloading gazillions of free plug-ins and creating reusable modules. Security is a priority for Ruby on Rails, which is endowed with a number of built-in security features.
  5. Vibrant support. RoR’s community is one of the most developed in the coding world, which constantly keeps the framework’s elements updated and ensures the security of all released plugins and applications. Ruby on Rails developers enjoy sharing what they’ve learnt, so you may avail of tons of free online tutorials, ask questions without being afraid of getting lost — you will always get some help. Hundreds of Rubyists issue fresh modules daily.
  6. Nice to deal with. Apart from the fact that RoR is easily mastered, it is a pleasure for coders to work with it. The code reusing principle “Don’t repeat yourself” greatly facilitates further coding process and saves valuable time.
  7. Quality. The technology in question use RESTful architecture, which allows building pure and simple APIs. The modular design of this language is suitable for frequent scope changes, which makes it a desirable for Agile projects. All in all, the framework leaves an amazing overall impression because of its powerful and expressive nature.

Here are some of the outstanding examples of websites, written on Ruby on Rails:

  • Airbnb — of the most popular trusted booking and hospitality services. It is the first choice for many people across the world when it comes to online reservation.
  • Dribbble — a community of designers, where creative specialists help each other, share and discuss their work and everything related to it. The platform also helps designers and their clients meet each other.
  • GitHub — the largest web service for hosting of IT projects and their shared development. The platform unites the team members for collective problem solving, sharing code and many other things.
  • Shopify — a well-known e-commerce platform that develops software for online shops.
  • Indiegogo — a crowdfunding website that has gained prominence during the latest years. It has been created to unite people around important ideas and bring them to life collectively.

In spite of the fact that this technology is a safe choice for hardly any type of software development products, there are cases, in which you may prefer using some other technology instead of Ruby on Rails. What are these cases?

  • Prompt changes in features and capabilities are not your priority.
  • You need a combination of high level of performance and low level of server resources’ consuming rolled into one.
  • You have already hired developers whose mastery is centered on other technology.

When to Choose Ruby on Rails?

  • If your application or website is an e-commerce one. You can greatly benefit from its modular approach and user-friendly functional capacities.
  • When an effective content management is needed. If you want your website to show piles of database-friendly content (such as audios, videos, articles etc.). With RoR, your users will enjoy easy navigation and all types of content management.
  • When your project operates unique specifications and requires custom tailor-made solutions.
  • If your site is a membership one. Ruby on Rails serves great when it comes to the creation of social networks and websites with subscription options, since it has a wide range of plugins that are made for these purposes.

As you can see, this technology is suitable for hardly any business. Many experts find Ruby on Rails to be the most efficient means for building web applications. We specialize in custom software development with application of RoR and believe that this technology can do marvels. If you decide to hire Ruby on Rails developers, you are welcome to approach Globalluxsoft.