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Looking for Teams, Startups, and Projects to Help them Scale up!

We are helping tech startups, projects and teams connect with the right partners in multiple new markets for the purpose of scaling up, finding sales, and distribution channels.

We do this by using our Matching Engine and match solutions that startups and teams are offering with multiple innovation challenges and real-world problems that are a fit that organizations and corporates are facing in many regions.

How does the Matching Engine Work?

Our engine creates a set of multiple tags from all inputs we get from each solution submission. And we utilize these tags to create a rank of the best possible match to a set of problems or innovation challenges (we find degrees of similarity between two strings, based on Dice’s Coefficient).

We are also creating a marketplace for which tech solutions create the supply, problems, or innovation challenges create the demand. And we also have mentors, investors, and heads of accelerators who will act as facilitators to the matches being produced.

Once a match has been created. We schedule a meeting between these 3 key actors. We gather data on the outcomes of these meetings and feed it back into our matching engine.

How can you Enroll?

Right now we have close to 2500 solutions, 1500 facilitators, and 50+ problems and/or innovation challenges in our database, and we are looking to adding more solutions. If you are interested in enrolling. All the information we need from you is the following.

  • Short description of the tech solution (60 words max)
  • Company URL
  • Title of the solution
  • Contact email
  • Telegram username (optional)
  • Location
  • Preferred expansion market

After capturing this information you will receive relevant matches by email or telegram notifications regarding:

  1. Problems/Innovation challenges from corporates and organizations looking for solutions which criteria matched yours.
  2. Facilitators who will act as mentors and provide advice and feedback to the solutions being presented to the organizations that matched the solution.

Once a match is created we will schedule a meeting call with the facilitator and problem owner.

If you are interested please send us your solution information using this form or send us an email to connect[at]globasouth[dot]net



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Adrian Avendano

Adrian Avendano

Founder GlobalSouthTech. A community with the goal to connect the US and European tech ecosystems w/ Latam, Africa, MENA, China and SEA.