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How to identify cost increases in Amazon Aurora due to I/O consumption and strategies to reduce costs.


  1. Current Workload
  2. Database’s Cost Increase
  3. Identify Root Cause
  4. Strategies to reduce I/O consumption’s cost
  5. Lessons Learned

1. Current Workload

  • Instance Type: db.r5.xlarge
  • Write queries per second: 510
  • Read queries per second: 6
  • Average connections to the DB: 100
  • Type: Aurora Provisioned MySQL.

2. Database's Cost Increase

AWS Cost Explorer report.

February 2021

March 2021

3. Identify Root Cause

  • What recent changes have we made to the workload?
  • Are there changes in our business KPIs, for example, more users of our application?

CloudWatch Metrics

Performance Insights

Audit Logs + CloudWatch Insights

fields @message,@ingestionTime,@timestamp
| filter @message like /QUERY/
| limit 1000

4. Strategies to reduce I/O consumption's cost

5. Lessons Learned



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