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Types of MVP’s

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What is an MVP?

Agile & Lean methodologies (and Product Discovery more specifically) are crucial in today’s business landscape, because they help the Product team and organization have the tools to manage uncertainty and risk. The Minimum Viable Product is one of the main tools to achieve this goal, but confusion can rise when talking about what is an MVP.

This table shows how some important authors on product-related practices use the different terms to address the same ideas.

MVP, tool for validated learning

An MVP has the purpose of validating a certain hypothesis so the team can learn about some aspect of the product they are creating. This means that the team needs to ideate a way of building a MVP that would help them do an experiment, with real users in a context that is as close to the desired use case as possible. Otherwise the insights the team can take from the experiment may not be useful for the team to apply in real life.

Explainer Video

Just like a movie trailer, a good explainer video can help you explain your intention for a product and measure how many people are interested in it. Two great examples:


This type of MVP leverages existing solutions to deliver a new product or service. It is yet another way to deliver value to the end user without spending too much time or money.

A screenshot of Product Hunt’s MVP using a linkydink

Landing Pages & AdWords

Just like the explainer videos, landing pages and AdWords can help you do quick & cheap experiments that can help you validate interest on a product. Some examples of companies that use this technique:

An example of the screen you would be presented when clicking into one of the Zynga’s MVPs.


The team solve the problem for the users manually to deliver the intended value. This is used to validate if there is demand before creating an automated solution or even helping to learn about the problem.

A screenshot of Zappos first MVP

Recommended toolkit for creating light weight MVPs:

List of recommended tools for MVPs

Some cool articles to dig in deeper:

This great article by Ross Krawczyk has a lot of interesting examples of MVP, some of which I shared here.



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