GLOBCOIN utility token GCP listed on the Lykke Exchange

We are glad to announce that the GLOBCOIN utility token GCP is now listed on the Lykke Exchange and will be available for trade on their app. “We are really happy because Lykke has a high reputation in the industry for their seriousness and professionalism” said Helie d’Hautefort, Globcoin CEO.

The GCP is a utility token which gives access to the currency baskets available in the GLOBCOIN platform (such as the GLX basket). The GCP holders can exchange fiat money for GLX and GLX to fiat money on the Globcoin platform with no fee; as many times as they wish and taking benefit from full liquidity (corresponding to the amount of GCP they own).

Members of the Lykke community will be able to buy and sell GCP tokens directly from the free Lykke Wallet mobile application. The process is very fast and secure.

To trade GCP on the Lykke Exchange, you need to know to go through a standard verification process before, known as “KYC” (Know Your Customer).

To initiate KYC on the Lykke mobile app, you have to:

  1. Tap (+) for Trading Wallet screen
  2. On popup menu select either SWIFT or Credit Card
  3. Onscreen instructions will lead you through

Normally, the KYC process takes up to a day. If the applicant provides all the requested information, the account will be confirmed in 24 hours max.

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Lykke is a FinTech company based in Zurich that has launched the first global marketplace for all asset classes and instruments, using the Colored Coin protocol on blockchain (Colored coins have a specific issuer and are backed by a real financial asset).

The Lykke Exchange as well as all its tools and services are open source and have a very transparent technology.