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GLX Stablecoin Now Accepted By Daily Fintech

Great news keeps coming: The GLX is now the official payment coin for Daily Fintech, a platform committed to fintech news and offering advisory services with more than 25,000 subscribers from 199 countries. We’re seeing the GLX in use: a global payment stablecoin that enables the users to pay for services in a fast, secure and low-cost way.

Daily Fintech users can now choose GLX (Globcoin’s first stablecoin linked to 15 currencies + gold) as an alternative to traditional methods of payment (which are sometimes slow, expensive and cumbersome) to pay for Daily Fintech’s private consultations with experts. The process is quite simple: You choose an expert from their top-level network (such as Efi Pylarinou or Bernard Lunn, author of The Blockchain Economy), schedule your call and pay by the hour, selecting GLX as a new way to pay. The payment will be confirmed instantly.

They wanted to use a cryptocurrency as an alternative to PayPal and credit cards; especially to overcome FX costs and fraud risks. They also needed a cryptocurrency which is non-volatile by design: a stablecoin. But not just any stablecoin.

“Why we chose the GLX StableCoin”

Bernard Lunn, CEO of Daily Fintech; explains in this publication why they have chosen the GLX stablecoin and not another:

1. “Many big corporates and investors prefer a basket that is less volatile than a single currency. GLX is a basket of 15 currencies plus Gold that together account for more than 80% of the World Economy; this is less volatile than even the famously stable Swiss Franc”

2. “Fiat Collateralised (stablecoin model) is the most secure”

3. “The team behind GLX Globcoin, led by Helie d’Hautefort, has decades of sophisticated currency management experience before the Blockchain era”

4. Globcoin’s succesful background with the Globcoin card

5. GLX is based in Switzerland which is interesting for two reasons: 1- FINMA (the Swiss financial regulator) and 2- Switzerland is legally a multi-currency country.

We are very proud to have been selected as a digital means of payment by Daily Fintech. They have a large community with 25,000 members coming from over 150 countries. We look forward to expanding our partnership with them, and other key players in the industry to leverage the unique GLX stablecoin benefits to global service providers — Hélie d’Hautefort, Globcoin CEO

We couldn’t be prouder to have our first real use case with a Swiss, well-established company, with whom we share the same tech-driven community.

One important step in the global expansion plan for the most global stablecoin in the market. You can also check the Exchanges where the GLX is available here:

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Globcoin provides access to stable payment tokens. The first token is the GLX, linked to a currency basket of the 15 largest currencies + gold. Learn more:

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