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Benny Or — Creative Director, Artist, and Co-creator of The Meeting Place

This week on Episode 23 of the Globe Interview Series, we speak to Artist, NFT art influencer, and Creative Director Benny Or. Benny founded Benny Or Studio and co-created the world’s first interactive environment NFT, “The Meeting Place.” In this conversation, Benny shares his experience as an art influencer in New York City and his journey as a crypto creative.

Back in 2014, when NFT’s just kicked off, it would have been unthinkable that a few years later, people would pay top dollars for so-called ‘Jpeg’s.’ But today, DeFi has helped to foster the development of an ecosystem dedicated to digital art and entertainment.

From every corner of the web, the chatter is about NFT’s. What is being created? How much are artworks sold for? NFT’s and the amazing opportunities they provide continue to be discussed in online circles. From this large community, we have identified and chosen to speak one of the emerging voices in Benny Or.

What are the differences between the traditional and NFT art worlds? Where does the inspiration for the art pieces Benny creates come from? What is the Meeting Place? Where will NFTs go in the future? We asked these and many other questions in this interview.

Who is Benny Or?

Benny’s background cuts through architecture, musical theatre, and storytelling. He led entertainment creatives across several production studios, creating live production designs that millions across the world have seen.

From these humble beginnings, he began to get noticed for his stock in trade and grew in popularity to become an internationally recognized art influencer. His experience served as a launchpad into the virtual reality and metaverse world with a mission to make art accessible to everyone, inspire more people, and highlight peace in humanity.

What is The Meeting Place?

The Meeting Place is a fun virtual interactive environment created by Cyril Lancelin and Benny Or built on Spatial. The space is first and foremost art. Although intangible, it brings real-world connections to life, serving as the backdrop for spontaneous encounters with new people, reunions, and even breakthrough moments.

The Meeting Place was initially a project exclusively for NFT art curation that allows for the building of metaverse galleries. It is an interactive system that allows the user to partake in the design of not just the art but also the art center itself. Benny says: “In the physical world, you have a gallery space, and you are like ‘what am I going to put on them?’ which is quite different with the metaverse, where you have your art assets but only need to build walls around them making you part of the experience.”

The Meeting Place has grown over time to offer the full virtual interactive environment where users forge new relationships while sharing art. While it’s still relatively new, it has been warmly received by the metaverse community and continues to grow user count daily.

The Future of the NFT’s

The metaverse has been with us for many years but has recently gained prominence. This rewarding venture has gained traction partly because the entry-level requirements are not as stringent as before, and the tools to get in are more accessible to the public. Because it is still new, there’s so much opportunity to learn and grow. Benny hopes in the future to see the artistic proficiency of NFT’s go up to meet the high levels of traditional art forms and hopes that digital will begin to get more appreciation and prominence in conventional spaces.

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Join us for the full interview with Benny Or which airs on the 24th of February, 2021, at 6:00 PM UTC on Youtube(Link).

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