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Co-Founder & Managing Director @ AsiaBC

This week on Episode 22 of the Globe Interview Series, we hosted Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and Manager Director of AsiaBC, Travis Lee. In this chat, Travis briefly takes us through his banking background, experience in Hong Kong business and finance, and how this propelled him to start AsiaBC.

The fintech, insurtech, and crypto trading sectors are rapidly growing in Hong Kong. As a result, the city is becoming Asia’s prime business destination for men and women worldwide who want to break into international digital markets. However, there are many hurdles that prospective investors must overcome to succeed and thrive in Hong Kong. This is where AsiaBC and its range of corporate services come in.

Who is Travis Lee

Lee first started as an engineer and then jumped into the banking industry as a strategic move. He was interested in knowing how to navigate the Asain business and financial climate. Meeting more than one hundred different enterprises in his first year, Lee got hands-on entrepreneurial experience building projects from the ground up.

Pulling together everything he learned, Travis Lee created an enterprise that helps clients navigate the bureaucracy, government regulations, and business etiquettes of Hong Kong. AsiaBC reflects all of Lee’s passions and desire to make the digital marketplace more accessible in the city.

What is AsiaBC

AsiaBC (Asia Business Centre) is a top-tier corporate service provider supporting Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) doing global business in Hong Kong. The company provides tailor-made solutions that balance cost-efficiency and compliance with international standards to worldwide enterprises. With branches across the globe in Singapore, Philippines, Estonia, and Turkey, AsiaBC plans to expand its reach even further by opening more in the UK, Brazil, and Dubai.

Their portfolio of flexible business management services covers company formation and compliance maintenance. In addition, AsianBC offers advice and guidance for opening offshore bank accounts and mid-shore jurisdictions, accounting, and tax consulting.

The Future of Digital Asset Markets

AsiaBC has taken a keen interest in cryptocurrencies in recent times. The company seeks to help willing investors benefit from cryptocurrencies in Hong Kong and guide them through the regulatory framework to be confident enough to trade crypto without violating any laws.

Travis Lee predicts that those institutions, enterprises, and governments that do not adapt to use blockchain technologies will be left behind. He brings a long list of industry sectors that are already using or are influenced by the growing crypto sphere. “The pandemic has accelerated the financial institutions to embrace Fintech and provide a window of opportunity for the Hong Kong Government to promote wider Fintech adoption, like e-wallets, virtual banks, and Insutech.”

AsiaBC looks ahead to grow their teams in the UK, Singapore as well as Hong Kong with the aim to improve services further. The service provider aims to become a digital platform for all entrepreneurs everywhere. “Our success is a result of all the individual efforts working as a collective. We are looking to onboard more of these talented, creative individuals who want to contribute to the growth of the company.”

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