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Introducing Globe Zodiac Artifacts: World’s First Exchange NFTs

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, and our launch, we will be releasing exclusive NFT trading artifacts, made in collaboration with artists. These artifacts add value to the ecosystem, as well as offer special utilities to their owners (with more details to follow in due time). Each NFT will depict aspects from the Chinese zodiac, to mark the Year of the Ox, which we entered on February 12th, 2021. These NFTs will run on the Ethereum network.

What are NFTs?

NFTs (or “non-fungible tokens”) are unique cryptographic tokens that represent assets with distinct features that are unlike any others. They are not exactly a cryptocurrency, as they are indivisible, and due to each token’s unique characteristics, their prices fluctuate on an individual basis. Think of them as similar to how trading cards work; each trading card is distinct from its counterparts and so its value is distinct as well. In the same way as some trading cards are more valuable than others, so are some NFTs.

One of the most popular NFT projects at the moment is CryptoKitties, which is a game where people can trade cryptographically and algorithmically generated cats with others all through the Ethereum blockchain. Some NFTs are worth thousands of dollars on the market due to their rarity, and their unique characteristics. In many cases, they also appreciate in value, as with most rare artifacts. For instance, look at this CryptoKitties NFT which sold for 237 ETH, or this CryptoPunk NFT which sold for 605 ETH, or this HashMasks NFT which sold for 150 ETH.

What makes NFTs so revolutionary is that through the act of smart contracts, it is possible to transfer ownership of them entirely on the blockchain, meaning there is always a guarantee that buyers will securely receive their goods.

Zodiac NFT Artifacts

Globe Ox Artifact

We are releasing a limited amount of Globe Zodiac NFTs, with unique design for each zodiac.

Our Globe Zodiac NFTs will also have a special utility meaning they will have more value than simply being unique and rare. This utility, which will soon be revealed, will be aimed at Globe traders, and will integrate the Zodiac NFTs into the Globe ecosystem as a whole.

To find out first what this special utility will be, make sure to join the Telegram community.

How to get Globe Zodiac NFT Artifacts

At the moment, our Globe Lunar New Year Trading Artifact NFTs can only be obtained by registering on Globe, which will automatically enter you into a randomized prize-draw. Registering on Globe will also enter you to win our own GDT tokens, which provide many of its own benefits such as fee discounts and staking opportunities.

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