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How to Stake $GDT and earn up to 20% APY

Hello Globe community,

This is a short guide on how to stake your $GDT — to earn additional APY for long term HODLers!

Staking $GDT

For the easiest option, follow this link to access the staking page.

You can also access the staking option at with following steps:

  1. Log into Globe
  2. Select “Account Details” under the dropdown menu on the top right corner
  3. Select “Earn Crypto”

Then you should see the following page:

$GDT Staking Interface

Click on the blue “STAKE” button, and detailed options for $GDT staking should show up:

Last but not least, enter the staking duration, and the amount of $GDT you would like to stake, and then click “CONFIRM STAKE”!

As a reminder, the more you stake, the higher the APY — if you’re a long term HODLer, make sure you take advantage of our staking program.

Join our social media channels below if you have any questions, and stay tuned for our buy and burn announcement in coming weeks!

About Globe

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