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What’s New On Globe Exchange 26/01/2022

Hello Globe Community,

We are excited to announce the launch of four new and amazing features and updates on the platform. These will make your ability to trade much more comfortable, easy, and secure.

These Features include:

We have automated withdrawals for USDT and GDT to increase the speed in which they are processed. Upon making a withdrawal request, this is automated for these particular assets. This ensures withdrawals happen almost instantaneously and do not take long to process.

2. A New Percentage Slider for Order Form

We’ve introduced a new percentage slider on our exchange order form. This provides a faster way to make orders according to wallet balances. The new percentage slider feature enables users to decide the amount of the orders according to their balances by choosing the preferred percentage on the sliding bar.

3. New “Dark Modals” for the Dark/Classic Theme

We have released new dark modals to improve on our new dark mode version, which is already being enjoyed by everyone. This provides new options when you switch to dark mode and just ensures everything looks more sophisticated. The dark mode makes it possible to trade at any hour of the day and night, without making your eyes feel tired. No more staring for hours at a bright screen with the light theme that may hurt your eyes.

4. 2FA Security Update

We have made changes to accounts to bolster security. In our new update, all users that did not have 2FA enabled for their accounts will now be required to enter a code received via email when they login to their account. We have taken this measure to tighten security against hacking attempts and to ensure users’ crypto assets and personal data are not compromised.

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