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A Trip to Canada's Most Road 'Trippable' Town and the Hiding Ground of Stephen King's IT

Only an hour's drive from the City of Toronto, Canada

Suntonu Bhadra
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4 min readSep 8, 2022


Image courtesy: Suntonu Bhadra.

It was another weekend!

Another place to explore and to be amazed by its unique views!
And we found Elora, often referred to as one of the beautiful towns in Canada.

Well-known for its 19th-century limestone architecture, this place is under the Wellington county of Ontario province, Canada. Not only is the site famous because of its charming vibe but also because of its geographically significant Elora Gorge.

So, we went to explore.

Riverfest Elora

We saw crowds just before the Elora main town when we reached there. We learned it was because of the 'Riverfest Elora,' happening between August 18 and 20. As it was the last day, there was more crowd than regular weekend traffic.

We might have explored, but the ticket costs seemed too much (approximately $150 per person, but it was a three-day pass). We missed Alicia Karra's performance, though.

A failed attempt at Elora Quarry