If Convenience Was a Country…

… It would be located in northwestern Europe

Vickey Maverick.
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A Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) train at the Amsterdam Centraal Station. It is connectivity that makes travelling in the Netherlands very convenient [Photograph: Vickey Maverick]

For someone who has travelled to 65-odd countries, it may be difficult to name one particular country as a favourite, you may think. Think again!

To me, it is not difficult at all. In fact, it is very easy, simply because I do not claim that my favourite country is the most beautiful of them all. I mean, it is definitely very beautiful, but so are many other countries. As such, it would not be right on my part to claim or pass a judgment pertaining to that. Besides, if I make such statements, I would not be honest with my own self.

Neither do I claim that my favourite country has everything to offer. That again would not be true. The countries in the Mediterranean belt (Italy, France, Spain, Greece etc) as also in the south (and southeast) of Asia (India, Indonesia, Thailand etc) offer a lot more when it comes to variety — in terms of climate, cuisine, culture and overall experience.

However, there is one particular reason, a practical one at that, as to why in terms sheer travelling experience the Netherlands is my favourite country. But before I proceed to the pragmatic aspect, let me first attempt to explain an emotional connection.

My cousin, who happened to be considerably older than me, was based out of Den Haag (The Hague) for about nine years. Each time he would come over to our place, he would have an interesting anecdote to share, an experience to narrate.

I was a curious and inquisitive kid, and every time he finished speaking, I would be ready with a question or two. It was years before I began to travel on a more regular basis. As such, for a long time, my cousin was not only my primary source of firsthand information as regards the Netherlands but also the one who inspired me to visit the country.

Aware of my desire to travel, he kept insisting that I should make my way to the Netherlands at least once in life. When I actually landed in Amsterdam for the first time, I literally lived what I had been narrated by him.

Unfortunately, by then, he had left for the heavenly abode. That I couldn’t share with him my experiences from that, or for that matter…



Vickey Maverick.

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