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This is Grindelwald, Swiss for you.

Snowy mountains are calling and I must go.

City from our Balcony (Image Courtesy- Own)

What is the one thing that comes to your mind, when you think about travelling? Mountains, or beach or city or island? The question is confusing. I indeed liked beaches. Mountains were always no for me. I hated travelling to mountains as I had mountain sickness. Living here in Switzerland for the past years have changed my mind completely. I still don't like mountains but if we talk about the Alps mountain range, I am always spellbound.

One of the most beautiful cities in the Alps Valley is Grindelwald. This destination is loved by both adventure freaks and family all around the year. Anyhow you will get all the information regarding the place and what to do there. But I am here to divulge my stay and experience with you. From skiing from the top of the Europe peak (Jungfrau) to swimming and sauna in the heated pool. That is Grindelwald for you. It is known as Skiiers paradise.

My daughter loves skiing and sledging, my husband and I love leisure. We could not find anyplace which gives you the best of both worlds. In Swiss, kids have a one-week vacation in February and it is officially known as Skii Vacation. So every year we come to this bewitching village to escape our busy lives. Having a cup of coffee with the sound of cowbells and watching people skiing over the freshly fallen snow is the best feeling on earth. The tiny town when it is lit at night looks like a winter wonderland. With few of the best restaurants, it is crowded all time of the year. In summers, the view and experience are different. There are a lot of activities for the family to experience and indulge in. (But that’s the story for another time.)

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Our hotel was in the middle of the mountain, so it was easier for us to commute to the mountain for winter sports and stroll in the city in the evening, which was at the feet of the mountain. The bus was like a live saver for us as it was the most accessible transport in the mountains with the availability of every 10 minutes. The city and the weather were so beautiful, that we preferred walking from the mountain to the city centre. It was 15 minutes walk from our hotel to the town.

We stayed there for 3 days, so on day 1, my daughter and my husband went to Bodmiweg to do skiing and sledging. This was the best place for small kids and amateurs to learn and practice skiing. It was a child-friendly place with a couple of restaurants and a ski school. A person like me who does not ski can sit on lazy chairs stacked there and enjoy their coffee or hot chocolate. I was indulge in sunbath while watching my daughter and husband skiing. For kids who want to do sledging, there was a dedicated path for doing so. The weather was good so we stayed there till late afternoon.

At Bodmiweg (Image courtesy- own)

Once the evening started to fall, we packed our belongings and started heading towards our hotel. Almost every hotel in Grindelwald has a complimentary sauna for their guest. So not wasting much time, I went to indulge in some sauna sessions. It was fresh and relaxing. After a long cold day, staying outside in the snow, what could have been better than a hot sauna. We ended our day earlier as we planned to explore the city and go swimming on day 2.

Day 2 started with filling our paunch with a scrumptious breakfast organised by the hotel. We finished our breakfast by 10 a.m. and headed towards the local swimming pool in the town. The weather was bright and sunny so we decided to walk down the mountain to the town. What can be better than inhaling fresh air with the maximum amount of oxygen? The chirping of the birds and the cows in the snow-covered meadows was a pleasant sight to watch. Generally living in the big city, we miss the countryside. It took us 15 minutes to reach the town.

The way towards the town. (Image courtesy- own)

There were plenty of activities which you can enjoy in the Grindelwald-First. It is reachable by ropeway. We prefer doing the activities during summers so we avoided and preferred to take a stroll downtown. The town was small with plenty of shops and restaurants for tourists. After spending some time in the town we headed towards the swimming pool. With our hotel card, we got a discount and the tickets cost us 4 euros per person. It was a heated pool so we stayed there a bit longer. After a few hours of spending in the swimming pool, we wanted some food to satisfy our hunger. We searched through many restaurants on the internet and finally decided to go with one Italian restaurant, named Hotel Steinbock. The food was delicious and not so expensive. (It is a recommendation, if you visit Grindelwald, you must visit this restaurant. They serve amazing food. Do not forget to reserve your table as it is generally full through the day.)

After spending a day in the town, we headed back to our hotel as it was evening by the time we left the restaurant. As it was a prediction of snowfall, we did not waste any time in the town trolling. On the last day of our trip, it was snowing heavily, and my daughter wanted to do some more winter sports, we took her to do some indoor ice skating. After spending a half-day, in the ice skating ring, finally, it was our time to bid adieu to this place. As it was heavily snowing and driving a car in the mountains at night seems a little terrifying, we decided to head back towards our pavilion a little early.

Our 3 days gateway in the snowy mountains came to an end. With lots of adventure, leisure, strolling and memories in the breathtaking town in the valley of Switzerland. I am always awestruck by the beauty of this place.

Maybe next year I will choose some different destinations for winter sports or maybe the same. Who knows, time will tell and I will come back again with my story.

Image Courtesy- Own

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