Travel In A Cheongsam

No, it’s not me!

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Photo by Eirc Shi on Unsplash

Summer is the peak season for vacations. What do you wear when you travel?

I prefer loose, casual clothes like jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers.

Of course, everyone has different ideas and choices.

Someone recently posted a set of photos on social media of her traveling with her family. One of them was her mother, an old lady in a cheongsam, standing on the deck of a cruise ship. Really cool!😎

If you don’t know cheongsam, you can see the pictures above.

Cheongsam, also known as Qipao (旗袍), is a Chinese dress worn by women.

According to Wikipedia

The characteristic of the cheongsam is that it perfectly accentuates the female figure, so it is very close-fitting, elegant, and noble, popular in China from the 1920s to the 1940s, and popularized by Chinese socialites and upper-class women in Shanghai.

Based on the above characteristics, cheongsam has become the preferred clothing for various celebrations, such as cultural celebrations, theatrical performances, weddings, etc.

Photo by East Meets Dress on Unsplash

I never thought about traveling in a cheongsam.

How brave is this old lady!

I quickly searched on the internet and found that the cheongsam, like other clothing, has a distinction between formal and informal occasions.

There are many short cheongsams and various modified cheongsams, which are perfect for everyday wear.

That cheongsam is only suitable for formal occasions or some specific occasions should be a prejudice, a big mistake.

I remember one time I was climbing a mountain and saw a woman in high heels climbing the mountain as well.

I was wondering why. Looking back now, it must have been a fad too. I’m out of date! 😲

Bias seems to be everywhere!

However, I still like to travel in jeans and sneakers. Wearing a T-shirt in summer makes me feel much more comfortable than wrapping in a cheongsam that highlights curves. 😁😁

Fortunately, everyone is free to choose what to wear.

Thank you for reading! How about you? Do you want to travel in a cheongsam?

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