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Traveling While Broke: Making The Most Of A Modest Budget

Don’t let the economy stop you from living your best life!

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

There’s no denying that the reason that most people don’t travel is budgetary constraints. As terrible a thing as it may be, money — or a lack thereof — can very quickly throw a monkey wrench into most people’s travel plans.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Traveling is a fun activity that should be accessible to all (or at least MOST). With all the benefits to one’s mental health, spirituality, and overall quality of life that seeing the world offers, here are a few things to help you travel cheaply.

1. Explore Your Own Backyard

I know that we all want to see the world but it’s very important to remember that your neighborhood, town, city, state, or country is also a part of the world. I know it doesn’t sound as fun as hopping on a plane and jetting off to some faraway place that you can’t pronounce but hear me out.

People hanging out around a fire by the beach at sunset.
Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash

The average person doesn’t care much to explore the attractions in their immediate surroundings. Here’s an example; I’m from Botswana. My country is one of Africa’s most famous travel destinations.

We have some of the most gorgeous tourist attractions here but the average Botswanan person would much rather travel around neighboring South Africa or Namibia than see the local attractions that millions of people come to our land to witness every year.

Take advantage of your surroundings. Go onto Google and search for attractions and things to do in your area or a nearby town. You’ll more than likely find more than a couple of things that you’ve never even tried before.

Keep an open mind. You could have the time of your life without even having to leave the state, let alone the country. 8 times out of 10, someone somewhere across the world would have the best vacation ever right where you are now.

2. Airbnb will never not be your friend (Sponsor me, senpai UwU)

Whether you’re in a faraway place or you’re exploring your own backyard, Airbnb is the GOAT when it comes to finding super affordable, Pinterest-worthy accommodations.

Simply search the area you plan on visiting, filter the search to your liking, sort from the lowest price to the highest price, and scroll until you find something that’s pretty AND in your price range.

You don’t need to stay at some fancy-schmancy hotel or 5-star resort to have an excellent time. If a change in environment is what you seek, a nice Airbnb will do the trick at a fraction of the price.

Photo by Dario W on Unsplash

3. Fill your itinerary with as many free and cheap activities as possible!

Do you know how to make goat cheese? No? Well, for 20 bucks some farmer and his wife could teach you. Do you know how to fish with a spear? No? Well, some locals in some random village would be happy to teach their new foreign friends how to do it for free if you ask nicely enough.

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

You could have a great time doing something you’ve never done before for very little money. Just keep an open mind.

Take a walk, go hiking, feed pigeons, swim in a lake, ask local farmers to help out for a day on their farms, play your favorite childhood games in the woods with some friends, climb trees, go up a hill, volunteer to pick tea or fruit, have a pretty picnic, go to an arcade if those even exist in 2022.

Expensive spas and high-end restaurants are great and all, but so is goat cheese.

4. Attend local cultural events

If you live in or near a culturally diverse area, you’re in luck!

Most people want to travel to experience new people, foods, cultures, etc. You don’t necessarily need to break the bank to do that. Most places have a large community of some ethnic group that holds some event with either cultural or religious significance.

Photo by Jacob Buchhave on Unsplash

You basically get to experience a culture, its language, its people, and its food without having to plan an expensive trip.

Most of those events are open to the public and you’ll likely be welcomed graciously. Many ethnic minorities really appreciate it when ‘‘outsiders’’ show interest in their cultures. Just remember to be respectful.

5. Visit the cheaper alternative to a famous destination

Do you want to take a beautiful Greek vacation straight from a fairytale but don’t have that kind of money? Well, look no further than the equally stunning (but significantly cheaper) ALBANIA!

Photo by Valeriia Bugaiova on Unsplash (Disclaimer: This Is Not In Albania)

Do you dream of the Maldives? Well, they’re expensive. Check out the Philippines instead! It’s much cheaper and you could get the same experience. Palawan, Boracay, and Verde Island are absolutely stunning.

I know that some destinations have been a dream of ours since we were kids, but this economy doesn’t allow us to live out all those dreams. Don’t let the name of a place deter you from having a wonderful experience.

I know that a super tight budget can really discourage you from even attempting to experience new things. Whether it be local or domestic, remember that with an open mind and the right attitude, any place can be absolutely wanderful.




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