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Unless You’re A Storm Chaser, You Need to Know This About Hurricane Season Travel

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  1. Buy your travel insurance early, as in when you put down your deposit. Many insurance companies only provide coverage if you buy it BEFORE a storm is named. And storms tend to get named way before the cable news starts talking about them.
  2. Travel insurance generally only covers arrangements that are non-refundable. You need to understand what the cancellation policies are for your arrangements and plan accordingly. Not to pan them, but this is especially true if you are using AirBnB, VRBO or another private home arrangement.
Photo by Simone van der Koelen on Unsplash
  1. Your airline — again, you will often see notifications and status updates here first. Depending on the airline, sometimes you can rebook yourself through the app faster than the folks standing in line at the customer service center. I’ve been on a delayed flight sitting on the tarmac and rebooked a group of 20 through the apps before we even took off. When we landed and we had of course missed our original flight, we went straight to the new gate and the rest of the plane went to customer service (ouch).
  2. Your hotel chain — whether or not you have status, the contact info for the hotel is there, and many of them have a chat function. Even if you are only delayed, reach out and let them know so that you don’t lose your room as a no-show.
  3. Your cruise line app — allows you to see not only your reservation but any tours you might need to cancel, etc.
  4. YOUR TRAVEL AGENT’S APP — Yes, I have an app, and lots of other travel agents do too. This should have (I can’t speak to what other agents load in) all of your itinerary details, 24/7 emergency phone numbers, copies of your identification docs (passport photo pages, etc) along with a texting function so you can reach your agent if something comes up. If we have to change something mid-trip (you’re stuck in a random city and need a hotel) I can upload your new documents here so that you have them when you show up to your new spot.



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