Weston Park: Fit for A Lord

Enjoying the hospitality of an English Stately Home


My bedroom at Weston park © Simon Whaley

“You’re in the School Room,” the Under Butler advises, as his white-gloved hand opens the door and carries my flimsy outlet-shopping-centre-bought suitcase into the room.

Yes, carries. Clearly the wheels might damage the carpet. Actually, looking at the depth of the pile, wheeling my suitcase through it would be like dragging a family hatchback through the mudflats of Morecambe Bay.

Stepping into my room, I’m greeted by the beautiful, classical tones of Claude Debussy’s Clair de lume drifting through the air from the Roberts radio on an antique occasional table in the corner.

Sasha the Bear keeping my bed warm at Weston park © Simon Whaley

The floor-to-ceiling net curtains tiptoe back and forth, across the carpet, silently skipping on the fresh summer breeze seeping in through the open sash window. At the foot of the sumptuous king-sized bed is a studded, green chaise-lounge, ordered by the first Earl of Bradford in 1805. The whole place oozes history.

“Dinner will be served at seven o’clock, Sir. Pre-dinner drinks in the library at six thirty.” The Under Butler nods, smiles and leaves me by the window…



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