Analysis Blog Entry 1 — Evidence

Instagram has been one of the most popular platform for a documentation of images and videos. Our research upon videos uploaded on Instagram has the potential to go in many different directions, ranging from beauty how-to make up to cooking videos. What we were all most interested in, apart from other platforms of video publishing, is Instagram’s ability to curate short and concise how-to videos that other platforms would usually show longer versions. Therefore, we chose cooking videos due to its use of fast-cuts and montage techniques that is easy to understand when viewers quickly scroll through the Instagram pages.

We then found “” page that curates clips of how to make desserts that would normally be an hour to teach into one minute shorts. This research includes viewing these videos posted and documenting their use of camera technicalities such as jump cuts, stop motion clips and fast-forwards in close-ups and aerial shots. In our cooking videos I have also shot the process-of-making with mostly aerial, close to medium close-up shots for a clear view of the ingredients needed. The post-production process of creating the videos using Premiere Pro allowed me to experiment the jump-cuts montage and fast-forwards which has been a challenge as to shorten ten minutes worth of clips to only one minute video. As stop-motion creates a fun feeling for cooking directions, I have created these videos with the animated technique.

Finally, Instagram posts features optional use of background music that viewers can choose to turn on and off on their mobile phones, which is another component that we would like to explore. Hence I have included background music in the three short videos that we produced that also complements the cut edits of the videos.

Instagram is a mobile application that requires uploading videos from the mobile phones, not allowing users to upload videos straight from a computer. Therefore I have used Hootsuite, a third party uploader that downloads to videos to the users mobile phones to then be able to be published.

The most challenging part of the process is after setting up our cooking Instagram account for the videos to be published. There were technical issues is downloading these videos into the mobile phones. Though the final process of reviewing these series of videos is crucial to check the success of the consistencies with aesthetics, themes as well as the background music components that builds the framework of the Instagram platform.