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Getting to #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

Omar Farook
Aug 29, 2019 · 5 min read

2 years of postponing the launch, iteration after iteration, feature release after feature release, bugs, bugs and more bugs… We finally launched on Product Hunt!

Our team were thrilled and excited but at the same time super nervous. As a super early stage company, we are running a tight ship, burning cash month on month to keep us alive and moving.

Well how did it go you may ask?

Well let’s ask Product Hunt

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No doubt we were chuffed :)

The sales of course started to roll in and soon enough an online discussion took place within the worldwide LTD lovers. People loved what they were seeing. Those that used the app were delighted.

The year has been wild indeed, still lots to learn and lots of milestones to pass. Running a startup is not easy, especially with a constantly evolving market. As the sales roll in currently at over 110+ users in 2 days, we start to get thrown into the deep end of the online discussion about our product.

It’s interesting to know how the SAAS space works. Since we launched we learned that many SAAS products out there have founders that launch what the online community has coined as “Abandonware” meaning they launch a software at a lifetime deal, and soon as they make their buck, they move on to the next big thing and leave the last one to rot with no support or improvements for their customers.

As the founder and creator of Glorify, it is beyond me that people would spend time building a product and then leave it. I love what we have built and will continue to nurture it, as I believe in our product so much. We are the Canva of e-commerce with tools that cater specifically to help create engaging product focussed imagery and marketing. The era of spammy looking products and marketing is dying out fast, and businesses must compete at a higher level starting by improving their visuals

The funny thing was, there was an online public discussion about Glorify debating whether or not we were legit or abandonware ourselves. This was because our sales process seemed to have similarities to typical abandonware style launches seen in platforms such as JVZOO: We had a main offer of our app with all features and future upgrades (which were described holistically on our landing page) at $97 and we also included an add to cart style up-sell at $197. Being new to launches ourselves we took these tactics from people who launch businesses predominantly in the e-learning space — this was a mistake. What works for e-learning would actually make a SAAS product look cheap and unwelcome. Our up-sell was accused as being too spammy and a hidden upgrade when our front end didn’t make the offer clear as it should.

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But as the founder I was keen on listening closely. Our ethos as a company is to always improve and iterate and look and feel and be more authentic. Heck that’s what Glorify app is all about — helping E-Commerce glorify their products and receive more perceived value and increase trust their brand.

Our heads were so buried under building the app and getting it ready that we lacked attention to detail and research on the purchase process on our site. It’s amazing how even if you have a great looking and feeling app with a swag like jagger, one element that is off can have a snowball effect on perception.

My advice to founders who are in it for the long run, always make sure you look mainstream and not like the cultic community of internet marketers. From your website to your sales process to your app and marketing.

But that was the only hiccup. As a team we are dynamic and on the ball. We have already made fundamental tweaks to clear up our sales process and funnel so that it is more transparent and clear and less spammy looking. By the end of the week we will have a funnel with clear pricing structures on the main page and no second up-sell pages or surprise products. We are all about continuously aiming for Glory — this is the beginning of the journey for us and the fear and excitement grows!

One thing that always replenishes the buzz within the Glorify team is the amazing things that people have to say.

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There is nothing like true love :)

Would also like to thank the whole Glorify team for helping us get to where we are!

Management Team:

Luis Camacho (Head of Marketing)
Daniel Wallem (Head of Product Design)
Obaidah Shaker (IT Infrastructure)
Hafsa Thameem (Project Manager)
Hassan Malik (Senior Designer)
& Shyam M. (CTO)


Fahad Nawaz (Head of Development)
Ammar Hameed (Front end Developer)
Rana Awais (Front end/Back End Developer)
Qumber Abbas (SQA)


Glorify is a cloud based design software that helps…

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