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Glossier’s Mobile Navigation

Why We Abandoned The Hamburger Menu

Hamburger menu / sidebar menu icon
Spotted: Hamburger menus in the wild
Glossier’s hamburger navigation anno 2016
The new layout: A tab bar
The new tab bar in action
  1. Design conventions are important, but sometimes they emerge for the wrong reasons. Make sure to test and validate what works best.
  2. The halo effect is real. Benchmarking is an important part of research, but don’t assume a feature or design works just because a successful competitor is using it.
  3. The hamburger navigation has seen a steep decline in the industry as a whole but it remains stubborn in e-commerce. It’s time to catch up.
  4. Embrace constraints and use them to your advantage. It’s a good thing if you can only fit a limited number of links in your mobile navigation layout.
  5. Whatever you decide on, make sure to test it. The sidebar menu didn’t work for us, but it might just be the right solution for you.



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