Inside a Patient Focus Group

As a part of Glucose Trail’s community building efforts, we’re having focus groups with patients so that they can better understand their disease, connect with other diabetics and build a community of people around them who also have a desire to live a healthy life.

What Happens at a Focus Group

When patients first arrive at their focus group, they are welcomed into a circle to start their discussion with one another. In this focus group, patients were apprehensive about why they needed treatment for diabetes, a disease whose symptoms are so elusive.

A focus group touches on a few important topics:

  1. Understanding Diabetes
  2. Tactics for Wellness
  3. Start Community Building
  4. Growing Self Awareness

Through a breathing exercise and a candid discussion that followed, patients were able to discuss problems in depth, with a group that truly understood them.

Practical Steps to Wellness

Through this focus group, the ominous “healthy lifestyle” is demystified and broken down into concrete steps that patients can take in order to fight diabetes.

Patients are made aware of underutilized community resources that already exist to aid them on their way to living well. They are exposed to creative ways to incorporate diet and exercise into their daily life from people who understand exactly what sort of life that they live.

The environment is carefully crafted to be as relatable to the patients as possible, so that they can start building their healthy community from within.

A Burst of Understanding

Patients who are unaware of the impact that diabetes has as a silent killer find it hard to grip the gravity of the disease. Since diabetes doesn’t feel like it has symptoms until the later stages, patients really don’t feel the need to take medication or engage in healthy activities, because they feel well. Yet, inside, diabetes is a brewing storm that can lead to serious complications later in life.

These patients were able to discuss the disease openly and hear from educators about what impact the disease would really have on their lives. After this conversation, the patients realized the seriousness of their disease and vowed to be better at dealing with it in the future.

By having an open and safe space to discuss these insecurities and feelings, the patients were able to forge genuine connections with the people around them, sowing the seeds for a genuine healthy living community around them.

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