Can I find some gluten free restaurants for you?

Tweet us (@GlulessApp) with where you’re going and we’ll make a list of gluten free places for you to visit. Or you can leave a message in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

Fed-up of planning gluten free trips?

Previously, when planning a holiday, to make sure that I got 3 meals inside of me each day I had to do lots of research before leaving: I’d scour Tripadvisor, looking for gluten free reviews. I’d find out who the local coeliac bloggers were and where they recommended. And, finally, I’d just Google my ass off until I’d made a list of restaurants to last me for the trip.

Carrying around a few sheets of A4 paper with restaurant addresses and phone numbers is a pain, and very 1985 — I might as well have a Filofax. The A4 paper doesn’t have a 4G data plan and I can’t just click on a restaurant to go to its website or see its reviews. Even worse is trying to figure out which restaurants are close to my hotel, or the airport, or the museum, or this random bus stop that I’ve found myself at… not easy when all you have is a list of addresses, and you’re getting hangry.

I started Gluless about 9 months ago, having become totally fed-up with the level of effort required to plan trips around gluten free restaurants. With Gluless you can just search for gluten free places near you, or look at a map of gluten free places. I’ve designed Gluless so that it’s incredibly easy to add new places, too — just search for a restaurant / pub / takeaway and then choose it from a list. Bam! That’s it added; none of this having to enter the address, or a phone number, or anything like that. Who’s got the time to spare for entering an address? Not me. It’s become an invaluable time-saver for me when I’m travelling.

Are you going on holiday and need a list of gluten free restaurants, takeaways, bars? I’ll make one for you!

Just let me know where you’re going and I’ll do the rest. You can leave a message on our Facebook page, or tweet us @GlulessApp, or leave a message in the comments below. I’ll create a list in Gluless, for you. You’ll be able to view it on your phone and even look at it on a map — very handy when you’re getting hungry and want to know what’s nearby. All I ask in return is that you leave a review on Gluless for any places that you go to.

Matt (aka ninjaPixel)