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Rather than throw blurb at you, let’s do a Q&A. . .

What is Glu?

Let’s keep it simple!

Glu is your first port of call on your journey to discover cryptocurrency.

Glu is the cryptocurrency encyclopedia. Glu is a compendium of all the cryptocurrencies out there.

Glu is the friendliest welcoming community where you can learn about cryptocurrencies, digital assets and smart contracts.

Let’s explore crypto together!

What is a blockchain token?

You’ve heard of Bitcoin? Bitcoin is an example of a blockchain token. There are many others.

When you hear talk about crypto, cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies, blockchains, digital coins, digital assets, distributed ledgers and smart contracts, it all roughly refers to the same sort of thing: tokens that live in a distributed computer network of many places, rather than in one single place. And a token is a digital thing that you can buy or sell.

Now wait, wait. . . before the experts in the room get enthusiastic with the flame-throwers, this isn’t meant to be a precise definition and it’s a bit loose. But as a gentle introduction to the world of blockchain, it will do, don’t you think?

Why would I use Glu?

Because it’s a jungle out there! You’ve run into DYOR? It means Do Your Own Research, and you’ll get this a lot when you’re looking for guidance in the cryptoverse. It doesn’t always sound all that friendly, does it? And because you’ve got your wits about you, because you weren’t born yesterday (at least, if you’re reading this I assume you weren’t, unless you’re the Ali of blockchain), you know it’s up to you to take control of your destiny, so you start grokking blockchains and you discover it’s all very. . . fractured. The sheer volume of information is daunting, it’s very technocratic, there are furiously contradictory statements even in the same thread of the various reddits and twitters and instas and mediums and forums you’re drowning in, a heady mixture of dream, aspiration, vision and sometimes outright malarial phantasm where it’s not all that clear always where, if anywhere, the intersect with planet earth is. . .

It’s tricky. Even so, you should deffo DYOR! Glu is here to help with that. Exploring new worlds come always comes with risk, and it’s up to you to take care of yourself. Trust no one, especially when they’re trying to sell you a shiny bridge. This is why it’s so important for you to make up your own damn mind.

Think of Glu as your first waypoint on your journey of discovery into the cryptoverse. Glu is a compendium of all the cryptocurrencies out there. Want to learn about a token? What makes it different to other tokens? Engage with the community for that token? Knowledge is power: better knowledge means you are better equipped to make better decisions to achieve your goals and make your dreams real.

Just because you’re doing your own research, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. We are stronger together. We are Glu.

What makes Glu different?

Glu is friendly. 😃

For all its transformative potential, blockchains and crypto thus far have largely been in the hands of the savvy and technically adept. We think that crypto is much bigger than a very few technocrats. We believe that crypto will democratize business and become central to the financial lives of creative, inspired & motivated people all over the world.

You get your own social profile when you join Glu. You can customize your profile with your details and images, you can create your own network of trust with your favorite tokens, and you can build trust in return for your positive contributions to the community. Sharing is caring!

Glu is consumer friendly, Glu is for everyone, Glu is for you. Cutting-edge crypto is the craft of a community, not just the cold logic of machines.

Glu: going from analog to digital. . . Crypto is about community

But isn’t crypto a big ol’ sack of scams?

Yes, a lot of it is! It’s the wild west out there. Be safe everyone! With great reward comes great risk. And there’s plenty risk.

Working out who you can trust online is tricky enough as it is, even before money gets involved.

This we know: Distributed ledgers will become the worldwide standard for transactional processing, record keeping and ownership. And with this great reward, so too is there great risk. There’s always a small number of bad actors trying to spoil it for everyone else. And this is why we can’t have nice things.

So it is critical to your safety in the cryptoverse to work out who you can trust.

Glu is here to help with that. We are building a web of trust for the crypto community. Crypto enthusiasts and newbies alike can find each other in a trusted community built on public ratings, reviews and feedback.

This doesn’t mean you have to get verified, or only interact with verified people — the choice, as always, is yours. We can’t tell you who to trust, but we can give you more tools to work out who you are willing to trust.

But isn’t blockchain, like, so over?

2018 was a tough old year for cryptocurrencies. The hype bubble was always going to burst at some point: markets, much like nature, will seek balance. And admittedly, some of the hype was deffo getting silly.

A correction in the markets is a good thing. The pain is short term. It means that the things with real value will weather the storm, and a culling of the sillier, speculative clutter in the trading landscape.

If anything, a market correcting itself is a sign that the market is behaving like it should, that it is healing itself. That it is a market. What we are left with are the ideas and implementations with solid fundamentals. The foundations of the future that is coming. And it’s coming fast. We have learnt. The new world will not repeat the same mistakes of the archaic financial system with its heavy, exclusionary centralization controlled by a plutocracy.

The financial revolution is coming. The future is consumer-driven blockchains of utility and capital tokens.

We believe. That’s why we’re here. There will be billions of people, all over the world, interacting with crypto, using crypto in some fundamental underlying way, without even realizing it. The technology of crypto will weave itself into the fabric of our daily lives. And this, this is what Glu is here to do.

Where can I discover more?

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this is Glu

the friendliest community where you can discover the cryptocurrency


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the friendliest community where you can discover the cryptocurrency

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