Courtesy : Laura Klein

Oh, hello there.

What is all this?
In an attempt to make Glutton a place for stories behind food, we are taking time to get our faces out of the bacon potato-mash, just long enough to invite fellow-gluttons to send in their writing as guest posts.

What can I submit?
From stories to anecdotes, recipes, poetry to literary pieces that revolve around food, home-cooking, travel eating, restaurant reviews, investigative pieces, food journalism and everything in between. Limericks and haikus, too.

We are also trying to cover travel notes, city guides, adventure tours and photo accounts on lesser-known destinations that are just as interesting as the popular ones and local spots that everyone should get to know.

Anything else to keep in mind before submitting?
Pieces can be anywhere between 500–1500 words with at least one hi-res photo. Since we’re just starting out, we’d be happy to re-publish articles that may have been published elsewhere before.

We’ll also put your name, a brief bio, links to your social media accounts and blog/website at the bottom of the article.

Send in your links and pieces at

Oh, and we love pizza, bacon and roaming around aimlessly in Rome. Hope you do too.


Amrita Chowdhury