Industry veterans Alexander Rusli and Masahiko Yabuki join Gluu’s Strategic Advisory Board

Su Ming Low
Apr 3, 2019 · 4 min read
  • To provide strategic advisory towards the next phase of Gluu’s business growth
  • To support the business development efforts in key markets
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Alexander Rusli (left) and Masahiko Yabuki join Gluu’s Strategic Advisory Board

We’re announcing the formation of our Strategic Advisory Board which will serve to shape and guide the strategy of Gluu as our advisors work closely with our founders.

And we’re proud to introduce the board’s first two members — industry veterans Alexander Rusli and Masahiko Yabuki.

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Alexander Rusli — Gluu Strategic Advisory Board

Among the many hats he wears, Mr Rusli is CEO of Digiasia Bios, Board Member of PT Unilever and Chairman of iFlix Indonesia. He has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. He was previously CEO of Indosat Ooredoo, one of the largest telcos in Indonesia and he also served as Expert Advisor to Minister at State-Owned Enterprises.

Giving his endorsement to Gluu, Mr Rusli said,

“Gluu’s core is anchored on the sharing economy, with a use case to leverage decentralisation of access to make connectivity easily accessible no matter where you are. At the basic level, it will bring about cost savings and an exponentially improved user experience. Importantly, the opportunities to be gleaned of a global connected network of users is immense.”

Mr Rusli has been with Gluu from day one and will work with the team on expansion plans into the SE Asian region, especially the Indonesian market. He said,

“Digiasia Bios, through our payment product Kaspro, is super excited to partner Gluu to digitise small businesses in Indonesia through an integrated platform that allows them to focus their minds on improving their core business performance.”

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Masahiko Yabuki — Gluu Strategic Advisory Board

Joining Mr Rusli on the board is Masahiko Yabuki who works actively in Asia as an adviser and investor in the IT domain such as robotics and AI through his company MYNZ Co. Ltd. Prior to that, he was focussed on business development in Asia at Cloudminds Japan KK as President/CEO; at SoftBank Corp as SVP, Strategic Biz Dev Global Group, CEO’s Office; at UTStarcom Japan KK as Country Manager & Director and at Kanematsu Corporation as General Manager.

Commented by Mr Yabuki,

“The full power of connectivity that unlocks economic value is yet to be tapped, Gluu’s solution is the answer and is set to redefine the way people connect. The Gluu marketplace is an open economy where connectivity is supplied and consumed by the community. In turn, the data generated offers extensive value and opportunities for Gluu to work with brands and partners to transform businesses and impact society.

The more I engage with the team, the more excited I am to be on board as an advisor. I look forward to working with the team to introduce Gluu to markets such as Japan, which will be a boon to locals and travelers alike.”

Gluu’s co-founder Lin Shu Fen said,

“Please join us to welcome Alex and Yabuki-san to our Strategic Advisory Board. They are industry heavyweights whose combined backgrounds, perspectives and experiences will be invaluable to us as we work to grow Gluu in the region and beyond.”

About Gluu Life Pte Ltd

Founded in early 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, Gluu is the world’s first peer-to-peer connectivity sharing platform. The Gluu cloud is supported by a community of users, establishments as fixed hotspots. This crowd-powered connectivity forms the Gluu Wi-Fi cloud that can connect anyone, anywhere. All connections is secured via Gluu Secure Connect.

Individual users can share their unused mobile data earn Glits, the platform’s currency. Glits may be earned or purchased and is used to trade for mobile data or to exchange for products such as ride-hailing and grocery vouchers from the store.

Gluu is founded by two seasoned technology and business executives whose dream is to build a global network of connectivity driven by a crowd-powered platform. Their belief is that connectivity empowers individuals and communities and unlocks economic value which brings about limitless possibilities and opportunities for people.

Connect with Gluu:

For help with the app, email us at

Or drop us a note at to say hello!


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