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Game your mobile data plan!

It’s time to cash in on the war of mobile data plans in Singapore

Su Ming Low
May 3, 2019 · 4 min read

With the way we live, breathe and guzzle mobile data, it’s probably a good time to consider an unlimited mobile data plan now. And we have the new telco entrants to thank — they have been disrupting the industry and intensifying the competition with lower prices and innovative plans, resulting in the latest war to rage this year — hard-to-resist unlimited data plans.

Let’s have a look at how the latest and cheapest unlimited data offerings from the various telcos stack up. Here are six monthly plans which cost less than $2 per GB based on the amount of data capped at 4G speeds beyond which the Fair Usage Policy applies:

Cheapest unlimited data plans at less than $2 per GB (at 4G speeds)

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As of 3 May 2019


Zero Mobile’s Zero Xs $49.95 monthly plan is after a $10 monthly pay-on-time discount. We assume most of us would make timely payments to enjoy the discount. It is also at $39.95 for 6 months for users who port over their numbers from Starhub, M1, Circles.Life, MyRepublic or Zero1.

Zero1’s ‘1GB to Unlimited Data’ plan at $9.90 and ‘3GB to 12GB Unlimited Data’ at $29.99 plans do not feature as you would only enjoy 4G speeds for 1GB and 15GB of data respectively which would not amount to fair comparison with the other plans in the table.

MyRepublic doesn’t star in the table as… surprise, they do not have an unlimited data plan as of now. TPG Mobile, the newest kid on the block is only offering their unlimited data plan to trial users.

Drum roll — it looks like StarHub and Circles.Life have the cheapest unlimited data plans for now at below $1 per GB of data. Please note we’ve looked at the unlimited plans purely based on the amount of mobile data that comes with the plan, without taking into account other services such as talktime, SMS, handset subsidies etc.

Circles.Life has the cheapest overall base plan plus unlimited data add-on at $38, but only if you transfer your number over. Otherwise the base plan would cost you $28 instead of $18.

Per GB, StarHub offers the cheapest overall base plan plus unlimited data plan and you only pay $7 more than the Circles.Life’s plan for 15 GB more which works out to less than $0.50 per GB.

In addition, for StarHub’s cheapest $25 SIM-only base plan, there is an on-going promotion extended from 26 April to 12 May 2019 where you get additional 10 GB per month plus an additional 80 GB for weekends per month (10 GB every Saturday and Sunday). This works out to 95 GB per month for only $25 ($0.26 per GB), without needing an add-on unlimited data plan.

So what are the benefits of an unlimited data plan?

· You need not constantly monitor usage or activate data usage alerts

· You need not worry about apps consuming data in the background

· You need not worry about unexpected bill shocks

· You can freely use data heavy apps such as Instagram, YouTube and Netflix

· For some folks, one single plan can possibly cover usage for both home and out-of-home

· You need not depend on public Wi-Fi which is not secure

Become a micro-preneur with Gluu

Best of all, now you can share your mobile data on Gluu and earn free Grab rides. Gluu is a secure peer-to-peer sharing network for mobile connectivity, especially useful for travellers who can source for mobile connectivity from locals from just their mobile devices. When you share with the community, you earn Glits which is credit that can be used to exchange for products on the Store such as Grab vouchers.

If you’re not convinced yet about getting on the unlimited data plan bandwagon, you can try out Gluu with as little as just 300 MB to spare. Or if you have a small data plan and occasionally exceed your usage, you can purchase Glits to get connectivity on a pay-per-use basis. The same way travellers can access connectivity here at local rates from the community as and when they need it, skipping the inconvenience and time consumed from setting up roaming solutions! Importantly too, Gluu Secure Connect ensures the security of all connectivity that goes through the app.

The Gluu community, who is happy to share their mobile data to chalk up rewards so that travellers can tap in easily to connect cheaply and easily, is growing. Check it out today at — you’ll receive welcome gifts of 2 free Glits to help you get started, and a S$3 Grab voucher.

Gluu is currently available for download from Google Play while Gluu Web (web-based access) will be launching soon.

First of the Gluu-ly series.


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