Introducing Investor DAO

An easier way to invest in real-world assets, letting you earn up to 20% APR on your USDC.

4 min readJan 19, 2023


We’re incredibly excited to unveil the Investor DAO protocol, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) helping you access real-world asset investment opportunities from the convenience of your mobile wallet! The Investor DAO replaces the Fixed-Term Interest Account.

Our first investment opportunity is dropping soon! Space is limited, so sign up here to get notified as soon as it goes live 👉

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Key Highlights

💸 Invest in Real-World Assets — Access a range of carefully selected global investment opportunities on FinTech lenders in emerging markets, offering upwards of 20% APR on your USDC, all aimed at delivering financial inclusion.

🔍 View Detailed Lending Metrics — By joining the DAO, you’ll be granted privileged access to FinTech lenders’ loan portfolio performance metrics, all to help you make an informed investment decision.

🗳️ Partake in Decentralized DAO Governance — Any deposits and interest earned will automatically issue you with $INVEST governance tokens, letting you help shape the future of the Investor DAO.

👋 Join our Exclusive Community — We’ll be hosting community events, Q&As and more for our exclusive Investor DAO Discord community.

What is the Investor DAO?

Despite years of technological progress, crypto investing today remains driven by speculation, with minimal avenues for investors to capture value from real-world use-cases. Whilst new DeFi protocols have enabled millions of investors to earn yields from lending and borrowing, these protocols have also had minimal real-world impact.

Investor DAO is designed to change that, making it easy to invest your USDC into real-world enterprises generating sustainable yields in the form of debt investment. By bridging the gap between crypto investment and the real-world, Investor DAO can unlock new sustainable investment opportunities for investors, offering up to 20% APR on USDC stablecoins, whilst also channeling the power of Web3 liquidity directly to real-world businesses driving financial inclusion in emerging markets.

All you need to do to take part is download the Gluwa App and join the Investor DAO! Once that’s complete, you’ll have unfettered access to a steady stream of curated global investment opportunities directly from your mobile wallet.

As part of our commitment to making global finance more democratic, the Investor DAO is designed to be accessible to anyone, regardless of your starting capital, with a minimum investment size of only $1, a first-come-first-serve basis for all new investment opportunities, and a streamlined KYC process making it easier than ever to join (sadly US citizens and residents are ineligible to participate).

Transparent Investment

New investment opportunities are proposed to the DAO by Gluwa Fund LP, and provides the DAO with privileged access to FinTech lenders’ loan portfolio performance metrics.

This process is designed to provide DAO members with the investment transparency required to make difficult investment decisions, with metrics such as default rates, delinquency rates, origination details, outstanding loan value and much more made available to DAO members.

Streamlined KYC Process

Gluwa App provides a streamlined KYC process for crypto investors when joining Investor DAO, letting users join the world of borderless investment with ease, and making global capital markets more accessible and democratic than ever before.

Decentralized Governance

Investor DAO also enables decentralized governance through its native INVEST token, which you can earn simply by investing and earning interests. For every deposit you make, you’ll get 10% back in $INVEST tokens, and for every $USDC you earn in interest, you’ll aso earn a corresponding $INVEST token.

So, the more you invest, the more governance tokens you’ll receive, helping you shape the future of the Investor DAO. Please bear in mind that INVEST is not tradeable.

Tae Oh, CEO & Founder of Gluwa:

We can’t wait to finally share the next evolution in OpenFi investing with our community. Not only does Investor DAO offer users an exciting array of selected investment opportunities with incredibly competitive rates, we’ve also designed Investor DAO around the core pillar of accessibility, letting users invest their USDC around the world and partake in DAO governance from the convenience of their mobile wallet!

Investor DAO Community

Finally, members of the Investor DAO community will have access to an exclusive Discord community, featuring regular events, updates, Q&As and more, all aimed at ensuring an active and thriving community capable of self-governance!

We’ll be announcing more details soon, but to join the Discord community, you’ll need to join Investor DAO first.

Download the Gluwa App to join OpenFi today: 🍏 Apple | 🤖 Android


About Gluwa

Gluwa is an Open Finance platform, connecting capital from developed markets to emerging market lending opportunities using blockchain technology. Investors can use the Gluwa Invest platform to partake in debt-financing deals with emerging market fintech lenders, earning up to 20% APR on their USDC.