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Introducing the new range of Cherry Blossom NFTs!

To mark the arrival of spring, Gluwa has minted a new range of Cherry Blossom inspired NFTs. As always, we plan to distribute them to the community over the comings months for FREE! 🌸

You can check out the new range here:

The Cherry Blossom NFT range has been designed as a special way of saying thank you to our community for your ongoing contribution to Gluwa and Creditcoin. And so, as with all of out NFT releases, we will be giving them away for free as part of various community events held over the coming weeks and months. Keep an eye on our social media channels (links at the bottom) and promotion page for all the details.

Our choice to use the beautiful cherry blossoms of spring as the foundation for our new range was inspired by our growing presence in Japan. As before, each NFT also comes equipped with its own unique animations, letting you experience your NFT in its full 3D glory. You can watch our latest ad in Shinjuku, Tokyo, below.

Technical Details 📒

By design, our NFTs are meant to be accesible to everyone — that’s why we’re minting the collection on Polygon. By using Polygon, all members of our community should be able to interact with our NFT collection without needing to worry about excessive gas fees.

Finally, not all of our NFTs have been created equal, with each NFT being assigned a certain rarity ranging from 1–4. This corresponds to the following overall minting rates of between 3, 9, 27, 81. With a special exception for the Cherry Blossom NFT, which has been minted 729 times.

By issuing NFTs of diferent rarities, we’ll be able to share our NFTs with hundreds of people, whilst ensuring that more exclusive NFT prizes are reserved only for a select few special events, prizes and winners.

NFT preview

Links 🔗


🔮 Discord:

🏆 Promotion Page:

⛵ OpenSea:




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