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7 min readJan 21, 2023

Looking to join the Investor DAO, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Then this guide is for you.

🌏 Investor DAO connects everyday investors, like you, to global capital markets, letting you earn up to 20% APR investing in real-world assets through Fintech startups that help drive financial inclusion around the globe. Luckily, getting involved is pretty simple.

This Guide covers everything you need to know about the initial KYC and signup process. Once you’re done, you’ll be a fully fledged member of the Investor DAO club! 🙏

If you’ve already joined the Investor DAO and you need some more information about the investment and drawdown process, head over to our Investment Guide here.

So, just follow the steps below and you’ll be earning great returns on your investments in no time. We recommend you take appropriate legal, financial, and/or tax advice before proceeding.

🛂 KYC & Signup

Step 1 — Download the Gluwa app and set up your Wallet.

First up, you’ll need to download the Gluwa App onto your mobile device.

Head to Google Play or the Apple Store through the link on our website or search for Gluwa in store and then download the app.

Download links: 🍏 Apple | 🤖 Android

Follow the instructions to create your wallet by choosing a secure password, making sure to make a note of your recovery phrase to be stored securely. Then tap ‘Next’ and double check you’ve taken the recovery phrase down correctly to back up your wallet. When you get the message ‘Your wallet is now backed up’ hit ‘Done’.

Step 2 — Head to the Invest tab for Identity Verification

Open the app and head to the ‘Invest’ tab at the bottom of the home screen. You’ll be greeted with a disclosure explaining that the Investor DAO is unavailable to US investors — both US citizens and US residents. We can notify you if this ever changes, simply sign up to our mailing list here.

If you’re not a US citizen nor US resident, tap ‘I understand’ and begin your identity verification process by pressing on ‘Identity Verification Required’ at the top of your screen.

Invest → I understand → Identity Verification Required

Step 3 — Gluwa Account Sign up or Sign in

Before you can complete your identity verification you’ll need to sign up with Gluwa. Or, if you’ve already got an account, simply log in to head on to step 4.

If you need to set up a new account tap ‘Sign Up’. Enter a Username and Password, as well as providing an Email Address in the text boxes provided, and then tap the ‘Sign Up button’ again.

Once you’ve done that, we’ll send you an email that includes a confirmation link. Open the email and then click on the verification link to complete the registration process.

Simply log in, or sign up for a Gluwa Account.

Step 4 — Identity Verification

Our Invest products require us to verify your identity to ensure we are in compliance with all the relevant know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) regulations. As annoying as this step may be, it’s super important when investing in real-world assets.

Once you’ve successfully signed in to your Account, you’ll be met with an Identity Verification screen. Read the information and tap ‘Next’ to start the process, where you’ll undertake the identity verification process with our verification partner Veriff. You’ll be given a choice of different identity documentation to upload: Passport, ID Card, Residents Permit, or Driver’s License.

Choose the document you want to use from the list, then tap ‘Start’, and use your smartphone camera to upload an image of your identity document.

To complete the identity verification process, you’ll need to upload a selfie to prove that it’s you. Once your verification has been successfully submitted, click continue.

Wait for the ‘Verification Pending’ screen to turn into the ‘Verification Completed’ screen and you’re ready to move onto the next step.

Complete the Veriff Identity Verification Process.

Step 5 — Enter your Personal Information

We’ll also need some personal information from you before you can start investing. Just some standard things such as Name, Address, D.O.B. and a few details around tax and income sources.

Please note that we’ll never use this information for commercial purposes, or otherwise share your data unless required by the relevant regulations. Please check our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for details.

Enter your Personal Information.

Step 6 — Send us your Proof of Address

Now, you’ll be asked for your proof of address. Once again, it’s required for KYC/AML compliance reasons. You can find a list of the acceptable documents here.

Once you have your proof of address, please scan the document and send it to for approval. Then click ‘Continue’. You can also skip this step for now and complete it later, simply press continue to head to step 6.

The verification process should take 3 business days.

Send your Proof of Address to

Step 7 — Source of Wealth Declaration

Now you’ll be presented with a number of different legal agreements you’ll need to read, understand and sign, starting with the Source of Wealth Declaration. Make sure you take some time to read each one and understand what you’re signing.

The Source of Wealth Declaration is for KYC/AML compliance purposes. All you need to do is explain where your money is coming from — are you self-employed, a business owner etc. Once you’ve entered that, you’ll move on to the Investor DAO Member Agreement.

Complete the Source of Wealth Declaration.

Step 8 — Investor DAO Member Agreement

Next legal agreement is the Investor DAO Member Agreement. Once you’re happy with everything in the Investor DAO Member Agreement, simply sign when ready! Then press ‘I agree’ to head on to the next stage.

Sign up to the Investor DAO Member Agreement.

Step 9 — Agency Agreement

Awesome, you’re nearly there! The Agency Agreement is the final legal agreement we need. Make sure you read it carefully, and if necessary, consult a lawyer before signing.

The Agency Agreement is a deed, meaning you’ll need someone to witness the signing of the agreement physically. This can be a friend or even a family member, so no need to get your lawyers involved.

Once you’re happy with everything, press ‘Agree, accept and execute as a deed’ to move forward.

Agree to the Agency Agreement

Step 10 — Deed Witness Verification

Now, your witness will need to confirm that you’ve read and executed the deed. You’ll need to enter a few details about your witness so we can send them a verification code confirming that they’ve witnessed you execute the deed in person.

Simply pass them your phone, and ask them to read the instructions, and then enter the verification code sent to them to confirm that they’ve physically witnessed the execution of the Agency Agreement.

Ask a friend to witness the Agency Agreement.

Step 11 — Additional Disclosure

You’ve made it to the final step. This page simply outlines additional legal disclosures, so once again, make sure you understand everything and then press ‘I Understand’ to complete the Invest sign up process!

Read the Additional Disclosure to complete the signup process!

*Step 11.5 — Wait for KYC

If you skipped the Proof of Address stage earlier, you’ll need to complete it now to start investing. Simply send us a scanned copy of your proof of address document to

You can find a list of acceptable documents here.

It should take us approximately 3 business days to complete your address verification. We’ll notify you if your address verification fails.

Make sure you’re Proof of Address has been successfully verified.

✅ All Done!

Nice one. Once your address has been verified, you’ve successfully joined the Investor DAO! You can now start investing your USDC whenever you’re ready.

If you’re not familiar with cryptocurrency or blockchain, this process may be slightly confusing, so head on over to our Investment Guide for all you need to know on picking your first investment, making a deposit and then drawing down your funds!

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at for general/onboarding inquiries.


About Gluwa

Gluwa is an Open Finance platform, connecting capital from developed markets to emerging market lending opportunities using blockchain technology. Investors can use the Gluwa Invest platform to partake in debt-financing deals with emerging market fintech lenders, earning up to 20% APR on their USDC.