Chapter 3

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5 min readNov 17, 2021


“Good Afternoon”

Completing the DAO

As we approach the closing stages of the distribution phase of gm. tokens, we can start to look forward as to what a completed DAO will resemble. But before that, here’s some figures:

  • 564 tokens have been successfully claimed (511 of which are verified via discord)
  • Roughly 150 tokens have been allocated & remain unclaimed
  • 23 tokens have been burned

While the % of claimed tokens that result in active discord members is a strong metric, the number of unclaimed tokens is concerning. The initial plan was to burn all unclaimed tokens on December 13th (the distribution end date), but given the high number it’s likely that a proposal will be made as to how these tokens might be better served. Some may be burned, but a number could also be re-allocated to community members that have shown a willingness to contribute & could add significant value to the DAO.

For the 23 burned tokens, we have other plans. Once all g.members have migrated their rarible tokens onto the new smart contract, replacement tokens will also be minted for the burned slots. Each of these tokens will have a unique design & from a unique artist, but will function just as any other token on the contract. The key differentiation is they will only be available via public auction. The proceeds of these auctions will be added to the treasury, and will act as mechanism to add initial capital to fund future collaborations.

The artworks will vary drastically depending on each artist’s personal style, but will all maintain the general gm. theme.

DAO & Team Updates

The migration itself will occur shortly after December 13th, and should take between 1–2 weeks to complete depending on how reactive the DAO is to minting their new tokens. The smart contract, which will be fully custom, will be written and developed by our very own DAO member “Tyche” who has a proven track record building smart contracts.

About Tyche:

She is a software engineer and generative artist based in London. Formerly a writer, photographer, barista, you name it, she learned to code a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since — and last month took the leap into building full time for web3/crypto. When she isn’t terminally online, she loves singing karaoke, patting her guinea pigs, roller skating, and tending to her many houseplants.

We are extremely excited to welcome her onboard as a collaborator!

In addition to that, we would also like to introduce Will AKA “Willyham” who will be working with us to facilitate the front end interaction with the smart contract & developing the landing page where you will be able to mint your new tokens.

About Will:

He is a software engineer from the UK & has worked at various startups for the last 10 years including Uber, Expensify and most recently Monzo. He recently left his job to start building in crypto full-time. Outside of software he enjoys travel and drone photography.

You may have also seen the incredible mock-up migration page Will put together recently:

Will’s sample migration page

And last but certainly not least is our artist, Rich Poole. For most of you, Rich needs no introduction..but here’s one anyway!

About Rich:

Rich lives in New Zealand with his wife and daughter, they emigrated from the UK 12 years ago after living near London for 5 years. A former engineer, information security consultant, and software developer, Rich has always enjoyed tinkering with code. Until recently, his main artistic focus was on physical plotter art, sold via regional galleries and exhibitions. Earlier this year, he began a journey into generative art with Hapori, released on the EthBlockArt platform. Rich is nearly always found in the artists’ corner channel in the gmDAO, sharing and gaining knowledge from the community.

Some of Rich’s work

We hope you are as excited as I am to welcome these immensely talented individuals onboard & it gives me great confidence to be working along side them.

In other news, we recently held our first community call on which many of the updates above were initially shared. With over 100 members in attendance for the full hour, it was a very productive call and a great opportunity to meet many of you for the first time. We will look to continue these on a regular basis as well as more informal bi-weekly calls with open agendas.

Inaugural gmDAO community call

Finally, it’s my great pleasure to announce that the gmDAO was successfully voted in as a delegate for the recently formed ENS DAO. We find ourselves shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Coinbase & Opera browser. Not bad company.

This achievement is thanks to the collaborative effort of the DAO & each of your votes made all the difference. Congratulations to you all.

The role itself will allow us to submit & vote on proposals that dictate the direction of the ENS project, whether that be it’s future development, governance or use of treasury funds (to name a but few examples). Not only that, but it endows us an immense amount of validation and credibility in the space & will only become more prestigious as the ENS ecosystem inevitably grows.

What’s next

Post migration, we will be looking to launch our first drop as quickly as possible. Discussions are already well underway with a number of potential suitors for the artistic elements, but given our aspirations to become a launchpad for generative artists, we are always looking for more. If you would like to collaborate with us, drop us a DM @gmDAOeth on Twitter.

The drop itself will ideally happen on the soon to be launched website, specifically in a section that we have tentatively dubbed “gm. studio”. More details on this will follow, but ultimately this will act as the platform where the DAO will enable artists to launch their own collections via our curated studio. We would provide an end-to-end service, handling everything from marketing to smart-contract roll-out. This would be the primary mechanism in which the treasury would be generated.

Stay tuned.

gm. studio mock-up

Closing remarks

As ever, I am humbled & forever grateful for the kindness and generosity that has been shown by our members both new and old. I believe we are well on our way to recreating the lightning in a bottle community we originally set out to make.

I am 100% behind this project & fully intent to make this a full-time commitment. I hope you’re as exited as I am to go on this journey.