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As the issuer of GYEN and ZUSD stablecoins, GMO Trust is proud to share the significant milestone of our progress in multi-chain development with the launch of our regulated stablecoins on the Solana network.

This pivotal step in our multi-chain expansion embodies our strategy to merge digital finance with the reliability and trust of innovative blockchains. Our move towards multi-chain support also reflects what we’ve been working to bring to our users — expanding accessibility and boosting transaction efficiency while maintaining rigorous security and compliance standards.

The Power of Multi-chain Support

Expanded Accessibility and Efficiency

With the integration of GYEN and ZUSD across multiple blockchains, the accessibility of our stablecoins and the efficiency of transactions are significantly enhanced. The capability of switching among blockchains also allows for swift asset transfers, increasing liquidity and enabling users to capitalize on market opportunities quickly.

Diverse Choice with Flexibility

Our multi-chain support offers users unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to choose the blockchain that best meets their needs, whether prioritizing transaction speed, cost, or other specific requirements.

Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness

As the digital finance landscape expands, the ability to scale efficiently becomes crucial. Multi-chain support facilitates ever-increasing transaction volumes being processed timely and flexibly while maintaining a seamless, secure, and cost-effective trading experience.

Unparalleled Integration Across Blockchains

Integrating GYEN and ZUSD across diverse blockchains provides unprecedented flexibility and scalability, granting users easy access to advanced services and diverse ecosystems. For example, our stablecoins utilize Ethereum’s advanced smart contract capabilities for enhanced transactional integrity, while on Solana, they benefit from the network’s high-speed processing and reduced transaction costs.

Solana Integration: Expanding Accessibility

Starting February 14, Solana GYEN and ZUSD will be available for minting and redemption on GMO Trust’s platform. This integration within the Solana network enables seamless and secure transactions, leveraging Solana’s advanced technology for fast execution and unmatched reliability. For more information about Solana GYEN and Solana ZUSD, please visit:

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Commitments to Security and Compliance

At the center of our multi-chain development is our commitment to robust security. Leveraging the inherent security features of each blockchain, our GYEN and ZUSD stablecoins minimize cross-chain transaction risks and interoperability issues, enhancing the reliability of our stablecoins and setting standards in digital finance.

Advancing a Secure Multi-Chain Future

With the step forward in multi-chain development, GMO Trust not only enhances accessibility, scalability, and security for our users but also paves the way for the future of blockchain technology and digital finance. Our multi-chain expansion provides a solid foundation for secure, swift, and convenient transactions across multiple advanced and reliable blockchains.

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