Explore Japanese DeFi With the Latest GYEN Quest On Layer3


Explore Japanese DeFi with GYEN

Join the Ranks of Web3 Explorers with the Latest GYEN Quest on Layer3!

We are excited to announce that the GYEN Quest on Layer3 has launched today, bringing an engaging and interactive experience for exploring Japanese DeFi with GYEN while earning XP and unlocking rewards.

Whether you are a seasoned explorer or new to Web3, this Quest is an excellent opportunity to learn, earn, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts.

🚀 Start GYEN Quest Now ▶ https://L3.xyz/GYEN

What is Layer3

Discover Web3 with Layer3

Layer3 is a platform that enables anyone to explore the exciting realm of Web3 through seamless and interactive experiences known as Quests. These Quests act as a roadmap that takes users through various domains of Web3, allowing them to uncover new projects, learn the latest knowledge in the crypto field, and engage with other passionate Web3 advocates.

Learn and Earn XP with Quests

Discover Quests on Layer3

Layer3 Quests consist of a series of on-chain and off-chain actions that guide users through a Web3 product. After completing each activity, Layer3 verifies the user’s progress before unlocking the subsequent step.

On Layer3, each Quest is meant to be interactive and engaging, featuring quizzes, and challenges. Completing Quests on Layer3 can earn users XP, and the amount of XP awarded depends on the difficulty of each Quest and the steps required to complete it.

In addition, users’ level on Layer3 is influenced by the amount of XP they have earned, which can be viewed on their User Profile and the Leaderboard. As users continue to accumulate XP and reach higher levels, they unlock access to exclusive Quests, giveaways, and rewards, making it even more enticing to dive into the world of Web3.

Start GYEN Quest and Earn XP

To start the GYEN Quest and earn XP, all you need to do is to create an account on Layer3, visit the GYEN Quest page below, and follow the instructions to complete the quest with four simple steps.

🚀 Start GYEN Quest Now ▶ https://L3.xyz/GYEN

4 Steps to Explore Japanese DeFi with GYEN and Earn XP

Join the quest and embark on the journey to explore Japanese DeFi with GYEN today!

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