GMO Trust Enables 24/7 Purchase and Redemption with Etana Custody

Users of GMO Trust can purchase and redeem their tokens 24/7 via Etana Custody account.

We are excited to announce that GMO Trust has partnered with Etana Custody to enable 24/7 purchase and redemption. GMO Trust’s users can now purchase and redeem GYEN and ZUSD with USD and JPY using their Etana Custody account.

By participating in the Etana ecosystem, users will be able to purchase and redeem tokens seamlessly through the Etana network. Further details about the onboarding process could be found in GMO Trust’s support pages and dashboard.

Etana operates a fully funded deposit model where all assets in the trade settlement process are encumbered by Etana. Users remain in control of their fiat until they provide instructions to Etana, ensuring that their fiat is safely settled and delivered.

“We aim to provide a more seamless purchase and redemption experience to our users, and we see that making the whole process 24/7 is critical in our roadmap.”, Ken Nakamura, CEO of Trust Company, Inc.


Etana is a custody solution for Fiat and Digital Assets, providing real-time electronic trade settlement in the digital space. Etana is a fiat account and digital wallet agnostic, providing segregation of assets and the ability to trade with multiple counterparties without withdrawing assets from the Etana platform. Reference Etana Custody at


GMO Trust, based in New York, is a Limited Purpose Trust Company, regulated by the New York Department of Financial Services. Issuing the World’s First regulated JPY stablecoin, GMO Trust also offers a USD stablecoin “ZUSD”. GMO Trust is on a mission to bring traditional finance into the digital age with blockchain services. For more information on Trust Company, Inc., visit



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