GYEN and ZUSD Pairs are Now Live on StellarX


We are pleased to announce that GYEN and ZUSD pairs are now available on StellarX, a decentralized exchange user interface for the Stellar trading environment.

From Ethereum to Stellar blockchain, GYEN and ZUSD can now take advantage of faster verification times and lower transaction fees, bringing traders a more seamless and efficient trading experience.

What is StellarX

StellarX — DEX trading platform with AMM access

StellarX is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the decentralized Stellar exchange, enabling users to trade a wide range of assets through its intuitive interface. Unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, StellarX does not operate its own trading system or hold users’ assets and private keys within the platform. Instead, it provides secure and convenient access to the public Stellar trading environment, setting it apart from other exchanges.

Transaction fees on StellarX

Trading on StellarX comes at no cost to users. While the Stellar network charges a nominal transaction fee of 0.00001 XLM to prevent spam, StellarX refunds the transaction fees for every trade on its platform, making it an affordable and convenient option for traders.

Wallets for StellarX

LOBSTR — Simple & Secure Stellar Wallet

Users have several options to start trading on StellarX, including using Stellar wallets, Ledger, and more. Among these options, LOBSTR Wallet is a popular choice for storing and managing Stellar assets. This user-friendly wallet offers features like multi-sig support, 2FA authentication, and easy integration with other Stellar-based services, making it an excellent choice for traders looking to explore the world of StellarX.

Trade GYEN and ZUSD on StellarX

StellarX provides a gateway to various assets from cryptocurrencies to fiat tethers. GYEN and ZUSD trading pairs are now available on StellarX for traders to explore new opportunities and diversify portfolios.

GYEN and ZUSD pairs live on StellarX:

Trade GYEN and ZUSD on StellarX Now

As part of our ongoing efforts to connect traditional finance with the crypto space, we will continue expanding our stablecoin ecosystem to bring traders unparalleled convenience and benefits.

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