Security Alert: Important Announcement about Phishing Websites, Fake BEP-20 GYEN, and Emails Trust Company, Inc. (“GMO Trust”) has established compliance controls designed to mitigate risks and help protect the integrity of the digital asset economy. This announcement is prepared to help protect our partners and those relying on GYEN and ZUSD as their stablecoin of choice. Recently, a phishing website was discovered that attempted to utilize the Trust Company and the GYEN brand to impersonate the GMO Trust brand and product name. We have taken immediate action to address the fraudulent acts, and the site is no longer active.

Be aware that the following GYEN token that was issued on Binance Smart Chain is in no way associated with GMO Trust: This token was created without bridging to the underlying ERC-20 and is not a bonafide GYEN. While the Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 allows for bridging to exist, GMO Trust has not created a GYEN or ZUSD stablecoin on the Binance Blockchain.

We reserve the right to take any legal actions against all fraudulent websites operating under our company or product name. This phishing site was discovered and it is no longer active. We recognize there are scammers out there and are continuously monitoring to protect our brand.

For your information:

The full name of our company is “ Trust Company, Inc.”, and our official website is Below are the websites and social media that we maintain:

All redemptions and purchases will only be accepted through GMO Trust’s websites and following satisfactory completion of our KYC. GMO Trust is committed to ensuring all account holders can redeem directly 1:1 from GMO Trust. Our company will not be responsible for any losses suffered through the usage of such phishing websites. Please protect your own personal information and tokens.

GYEN and ZUSD are issued on the Ethereum Blockchain with Etherscan addresses for GYEN at: and ZUSD at For more information about the exchanges we are working with, please visit to view those exchanges and other partners that include Liquid, Nexus, and other key market participants.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our Support Page at As a New York-based regulated financial institution, we have full-time compliance and operations staff in New York to answer any questions as well as a support structure based in Asia. The GMO Trust Team is available to guide you every step of the way.



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