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Starting February 14, Solana GYEN and Solana ZUSD will be available on GMO Trust’s platform. Users can mint and redeem Solana GYEN and Solana ZUSD stablecoins or swap them across blockchains, such as Stellar and Ethereum, embracing a diverse and flexible approach to the digital finance space.

In this article, we will explore the benefits brought by the Solana blockchain and how Solana GYEN and Solana ZUSD differ from other stablecoins. And we’ll also share essential security tips for engaging with our stablecoins. Let’s get started.

Harnessing the Power of Solana

Solana distinguishes itself in the digital ledger space through its rapid transaction capabilities, economical fee structure, decentralized framework, and scalable solutions. Transactions on Solana are remarkably swift, with block times of just 400 milliseconds, and maintain a low cost, ensuring an eco-friendly approach through its proof-of-stake network. These technological advancements lay a solid foundation for GYEN and ZUSD, offering our users a trading experience that is efficient and environmentally conscious.

The Strength of GYEN and ZUSD

As the first regulated Japanese yen stablecoin (GYEN) and a trusted U.S. dollar stablecoin (ZUSD), both backed by a 100% reserve, they ensure a secure 1:1 purchase and redemption value with the underlying fiat currencies. The approval and regulation by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) and the monthly publication of reserve data exemplify our commitment to transparency and security. The collaboration with Fireblocks on our platform further solidifies the robust security of transactions with our stablecoins.

Unique Features with Solana Integration

Our integration with Solana enhances GYEN and ZUSD with features that ensure a superior trading experience:

Fast and Seamless Trading:

Transactions are executed in seconds, providing a smooth and efficient trading experience.

Extremely Low Transaction Fees:

Our users benefit from nominal transaction costs, making trading more cost-effective.

Effortless Fiat to Cryptocurrency Transition:

Connecting Japanese Yen or U.S. Dollar to the cryptocurrency space easily, unlocking new trading opportunities.

Broad Application Spectrum:

Bridge access to a wide range of applications and millions of users within the Solana ecosystem, broadening the utility and reach of GYEN and ZUSD.

Expanding Access Through Solana Integration

Beginning February 14, the minting and redemption processes for GYEN and ZUSD will be operational on our platform. This strategic move leverages Solana’s state-of-the-art technology, enhancing transactions’ reliability, speed, and security, thereby advancing our multi-chain development. This integration not only elevates the accessibility and scalability of our offerings but also establishes a benchmark in blockchain innovation and digital finance.

Commitment to Security: Important Reminder

As we embark on this journey with Solana GYEN and ZUSD, we prioritize the security of our users’ transactions. Users are encouraged to verify the contract addresses of tokens before any transactions to protect their assets against fraud.

Our stablecoins contract addresses are as follows:

Solana GYEN:


Solana ZUSD:


Users can also find our token information on Solana explorers, such as Solana FM:

Solana GYEN:

Solana ZUSD:

Initially, these tokens will be exclusively accessible for minting, redemption, or swapping on GMO Trust’s platform. We recommend using and trading on our platform to ensure the safety and integrity of transactions.

For further updates on the availability of Solana GYEN and Solana ZUSD across other exchanges, we will publish our announcements via our official website, X(formerly Twitter), and our blog.

Stay informed about the latest Solana GYEN and Solana ZUSD through our official channels.:


Official website:


As we introduce Solana GYEN and Solana ZUSD to our trading platform, we connect a future where digital finance is synonymous with innovation, security, and efficiency. GMO Trust is committed to advancing the digital finance landscape, ensuring our users enjoy a seamless and secure trading experience.

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