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At the heart of any successful transit system’s operations are two things: Live Dispatch and Performance Feedback. Together, these create a positive cycle that improves operational consistency, predictability for riders, and overall performance.

At GMV Syncromatics, we’ve recently launched tools that transform the dispatch experience and today, we’re proud to introduce the next generation of our performance reporting experience with Sync Insights.

Sync Insights takes the mountains of information captured by our CAD/AVL system and makes it immediately accessible and explorable, allowing transit managers to track changes in their key performance indicators like never before.

In our work with transit agencies across the country, we’ve learned that managers are interested in three major categories of metrics. In Insights, we’ve built dashboards suited specifically to all three:

  • Performance, where you can view on time, early, and late statistics and dive into routes or stops to spot exactly where problems occur. You can also track headways and ensure that you’re meeting the service levels advertised to your riders every hour of the day.
  • Ridership, where you can explore patterns of boardings throughout both geography and time, gaining valuable information about how riders use your system.
  • Team, where you monitor and compare the performance of drivers on similar routes.

Every report on these dashboards can be drilled into for further detail, filtered to specific information or time periods, and exported to PDF or Excel formats for further analysis.

Clicking on any piece of data allows you to drill in for further detail.

Ever wish you could have your past week’s on time performance in your inbox first thing every Monday morning? Sync Insights makes it easy.

You can set up recurring emails for any dashboard so you never have to come back to the software. That’s right — our goal is for you to use the software even less, so you spend less time finding the right data and more time using that information in a valuable way.

Emails can be scheduled to recur daily, weekly, or monthly — delivering information whenever you need it.

We look at today’s launch of Sync Insights not as the end of a product development process, but as the beginning.

This release marks the beginning of a new reporting platform: one that will grow and expand over time with new reports, new information, and new capabilities.

We want to thank our customers at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Connect Transit, The University of Iowa, and others for their feedback during our recent beta testing period for Sync Insights.

If you’re a current GMV Syncromatics customer and are interested in joining the beta program, for future enhancements, drop us a line at Later this year, we’ll be launching a “pro” version that puts the power of creating custom visualizations into your hands with a simple drag and drop interface.

For more info on how we can help your transit agency make data-driven decisions, check us our at




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