Where are the independent thoughts?

How to receive more from my students?

The trees are brown, the dirt is brown, poop is brown. This is what I received from a student after releasing them into nature to write for ten minutes straight. My research has been prompted by the inability to write from ideas, experiences, individual thoughts by my students. They struggle coming up with research topics, questions they have or even putting thoughts onto paper. My year long research question for the Necedah Area Writing Project is this: Will writing warm ups such as write ins/write outs etc, help students to formulate independent thoughts. I plan to focus on this question so that I can figure out how to receive MORE from my students. My sources will be work from a more recent read by Stephen King on writing. His memoir gives insight on how to not take yourself too seriously while writing and the process in which you can improve your writing while still staying true to yourself. Other sources include the book fearless writing, make just one change on question strategies, and a study by Judith Langer on how writing can increase learning capabilities. My concerns during my research has to do with not being able to improve the results of student writing and most importantly how to get my students to take writing serious enough to put in real effort and feel worthy of great writing.