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Can You Hear Me Now…?

Mangata Networks aims to transform how the world interacts with information

Mangata Networks Constellation Architecture (Source: Mangata Networks)

Why Satellite Communications?

Depending on who you ask, the size of the space sector is somewhere between $200B and $450B annually, and could be on track to be a trillion-dollar industry sometime in the next couple of decades [1]. Sub-segments like launch and the government-driven exploration programs generate most of the excitement and capture the public’s attention, but these are actually relatively small when measured against the size of the total market. The vast majority of the activity in the space sector is in the satellite communications sub-segment, which is currently estimated to generate $150B-$200B a year.

Historical Data/Bandwidth Trends (Source: Cisco VNI [2])
Growth in Internet Users (Source: Cisco VNI [2])

Why Mangata Networks?

While these new entrants and legacy companies will provide strong competition, we believe that there is still incredible opportunity to create and capture value in the sector. We have been actively evaluating companies developing products across the satellite communications value chain, and feel Mangata is well positioned to carve out a leading role in the industry.



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