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Fly Me to the Moon (and Back)

The Exploration Company’s Mission to Democratize Access to Space

Promus Ventures is excited to lead the €5.3M ($6M) Seed round of The Exploration Company, a Munich-based company building the next generation of spacecrafts to democratize access to space.

Together with our friends at Vsquared Ventures and Cherry Ventures, we are excited to support Helene Huby and her team as they set out to build The Exploration Company into the leading player to provide cost-effective access to space to commercial and government customers. The Exploration Company will use the proceeds to develop the Nyx spacecraft and grow the team.

Been There Done That

We are fortunate to be working with such a space industry veteran as Helene, the founder and CEO, and the core team around her. Prior to founding The Exploration Company, Helene and the team ran the Orion European Service Module (ESM) program at Airbus Defence and Space, a pioneering program set in motion by the European space industry and part of the NASA-led Artemis moon program. While at Orion, they managed a multi-billion euro program with hundreds of engineers and thousands of sub-contractors working on developing and building a critical component of the Orion spacecraft.

The team is leveraging this experience into The Exploration Company, a great, ambitious space venture. The company’s vision is to design and develop the Nyx spacecraft, a modular and reusable orbital vehicle that provide cost-effective access to space and enable space and non-space customers to launch payloads into orbit and conduct a myriad of in-orbit operations. The company’s first demo is planned for 2024, followed by its first mission in 2026, a 3–6 month orbital mission around the Earth.

We are privileged to partner with a team of this caliber as they seek to make space more accessible and expand Europe’s space exploration capabilities.

You can read more about The Exploration Company’s future plans and ambitions here.

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