Predicting the Eye of the Storm

Jua’s Mission to Transform Weather Modelling

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3 min readOct 18, 2022


Promus Ventures is excited to lead the $2.5M pre-Seed round of Jua, a Zurich and Berlin-based company building the next generation of weather models.

Together with and prominent angels Siraj Khaliq (co-founder of the Climate Corporation) and Mehdi Ghisassi (Head of Product at Alphabet-owned Deepmind), we are happy to support Andreas Brenner, Marvin Gabler and their team as they set out to build Jua into the dominant platform in next-generation weather models and analytics. Jua will use the proceeds to continue developing its platform and grow the team.

AI-driven modelling for radically better performance

The weather data and analytics market is large and fragmented, historically relying on conventional numerical models built by the likes of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts). These models are complex, clunky and expensive to run delivering average spatial (15km by 15km) and temporal (one hour interval) resolution. To this day, they remain the gold standard in terms of accuracy. Over the last few years, however, several companies have been downscaling and enriching these models with manual or machine learning generated insights for specific use cases and, while these approaches can derive valuable insights, their underlying models have not evolved.

Data Key for New York without and with Jua

Jua is leveraging years of research and development to build its proprietary data platform and training data, resulting in a high resolution weather prediction model delivering 25 times better spatial resolution and ten times better temporal resolution than numerical models.

We have known Andreas since he was the Founder and CEO of fleet management SaaS company Avrios, where he built the company from an idea into a thriving commercial enterprise with hundreds of customers. Marvin is a weather forecasting domain expert having earned his stripes in his family’s weather forecasting company in Germany and spending years building and refining machine learning models. Their passion for solving complex problems and making an impact is infectious and we instantly subscribed to their vision and approach.

Co-Founders (L-R) Andreas Brenner and Marvin Gabler

The need for more accurate and high-resolution weather forecasting continues to increase and we believe Jua is ideally positioned to capitalize on this opportunity.

You can read more about Jua’s vision and approach here.

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