Promus Ventures Welcomes New Partner Gareth Keane, Opens Up SF Office

Mike Collett
May 7, 2018 · 2 min read

Former SF-Based Qualcomm Ventures Investment Manager Joins Promus Ventures

We have written numerous posts over the years at Promus Ventures about the importance of hiring and team. From our Chicago headquarters, we have been investing now for almost six years into 64 platform startups, with 41 of these startups (64%) located in the San Francisco Bay area. We invest mostly in the US, but have investments in London, Berlin, Helsinki, and Auckland.

Thus, it is with great excitement that we welcome Gareth Keane, former Senior Investment Manager for Qualcomm Ventures in San Francisco, to our investment team as Partner to officially open up and run Promus Ventures’ new San Francisco office.

We have known and worked with Gareth for now more than four years in a variety of capacities: co-investing in startups, sitting on boards, as well as speaking on industry panels together. Gareth has a PhD in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management and Finance from Wharton. He brings a deep technical understanding to the table every time he sits with a startup team. Prior to Qualcomm, Gareth worked in National Semiconductor/Texas Instrument’s Corporate Development group, as well as a Manager of Technology Access at PMC-Sierra and Member of the Technical Staff at Cadence Design Systems.

As we continue to invest in artificial intelligence/machine learning, space, robotics/hardware, fintech, health tech, syn bio, and other exciting deep tech areas, Gareth fits into Promus Ventures as if he had always worked with the team. We share the same areas of passion in where we spend our time, and his investments and board seats while at Qualcomm Ventures included Spire, Swift Navigation, AirMap, August, Doctor on Demand, 360Fly, and Skycatch (among many others).

More importantly, Gareth is man of great character, work ethic and optimism, and we are excited to be able to work with him now daily to continue growing the Promus Ventures platform. You can read Gareth’s thoughts on joining Promus Ventures on his post here.

Please join us in welcoming Gareth to the Promus Ventures team!

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