Authentically Us takes the Main Stage at AWE 2018

Fovrth Director Jesse Ayala joins Authentically Us partners on stage at Augmented World Expo 2018

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA —The Authentically Us partners (Fovrth’s Director Jesse Ayala, Paula Cuneo of Oculus, and Pride Foundation’s Jeremiah Allen) led Augmented World Expo’s discussion on representation and diversity in the AR/VR/XR industry on the main stage and in the XR for Good track.

In PRIDE, not Prejudice: LGBTQ Activists Use VR to Change Hearts and Minds, the Authentically Us creative team Jesse Ayala (Fovrth Studios) and Jeremiah Allen (Pride Foundation) sat down in conversation with Paula Cuneo (Oculus) about the importance of creating LGTBQ+ visibility in VR from ideation to content distribution.

Paula, Jesse, and Jeremiah received Nextant Medallions “for unlocking minds and linking hearts” in XR from the Virtual World Society for their work in advancing diversity and continuing to pioneer the XR community’s search for empathy and behavior changing experiences.

In the Diversity in XR Panel, Kris Hermanns (CEO, Pride Foundation) sat down with Julie Young (CEO, SH//FT), Martina Welkhoff (Founding Partner, WXR), Clorama Dorvillas (CEO, Debias VR) and Christopher Lafayette (Founder, The Armada) to discuss the importance of real diversity in terms of inclusion on all levels and how that improves the design of products to reach larger audiences. From investing to building digital community to opening up seats at the decision-making table — all of these moves are happening in the VR industry, but there still is much work to do.

One last photo before heading off in all different directions to celebrate pride month: Kris Hermanns (CEO, Pride Foundation), Jeremiah Allen (Pride Foundation), Fovrth’s Jesse Ayala (Director, Authentically Us), and Paula Cuneo (Oculus) at AWE 2018!

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