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Back To School: 20 Websites that Will Help You Learn Every Day

Artem Zavyalov
Aug 16, 2016 · 7 min read

Life-long learning is important for happiness and health. You can satisfy your curiosity in just a few minutes a day with these websites and apps. They each provide you with small chunks of information on a given topic so you can learn gradually and in a way that fits with your schedule.

1. Highbrow

If you want to learn something new everyday, Highbrow is a great way to do that. Highbrow sends five-minute lessons on subjects that you are interested in to your e-mail every morning. Each course lasts about ten days, and you have access to over 100 courses in a variety of categories.

2. Corbie

Get quick and easy to digest emails teaching you about subjects like art, science, and history each morning. Each lesson is designed to boost your knowledge in 5 minutes or less. It’s the ideal way for busy people to master being lifelong learners

3. TinyCards

Flashcards meet modern technology with TinyCards. TinyCards is a flashcard game where you can use their thousands of decks with varying subjects, from languages to geography to memorize certain tidbits of information. You can also make your own decks for studying for exams or another subject in which you have an interest. The flashcards morph into a game with levels and a“memory” bar.

4. Salted

Learning to cook is easy with Salted. You can learn about how to cook with certain tools or types of foods from cooking experts around the world. The courses are offered in short video chunks, and the entire “class” is generally under two hours. It is fitting for both novices and cooking experts.

5. Lrn

If you want to learn to code, lrn is a perfect tool for you. It will help you read and writing in a variety of coding languages, including HTML, Python, Ruby, CSS, and Javacript. Mini-quizzes are delivered right to your phone so you can become code-fluent in just a few minutes a day.

6. Drops

Drops is a language app that literally cuts you off after five minutes of learning per day. It uses games to help you learn vocabulary. The app focuses on pictures instead of words so that people from every language can learn English, Spanish, French, or German. It can be very addicting!

7. Uncubed

Uncubed helps you learn digital skills from leading experts. Each video is just a few minutes long, and they teach you valuable lessons from individuals who have been successful in the business world. These little videos help you learn their tricks so you can develop your own. It also provides a behind-the-scenes look at thriving companies.

8. Newsmart

Business English can be difficult to read and understand, but Newsmart can help. You learn from today’s business news with embedded learning exercises. They test your vocabulary and understanding of concepts and information related to business news. They are divided into levels so you can progress as you learn.

9. Curious

Curious provides over 25,000 lessons on a variety of topics. You can choose your learning commitment per day — between 5 and 30 minutes. They explain that daily learning from services like Curious can help you be happier, more successful, and you may even live longer. Curious tailors their content to your preferences by asking you to complete an initial interview.

10. Know Fast

Know Fast allows you to learn something new every day by providing a new video each day to help you learn something new. This app allows you to choose a category each day for your video, and the categories change often. Another video will automatically be sent 24 hours after you watched the first one.

11. The Big know

General topics like being happy and living longer are great life-long learning tools. The Big Know partners companies with knowledge-seekers to create courses on a variety of subjects. Each course is brought to you by an expert in the related field and offers additional resources and information as well.

12. Brain Pump

Another site that offers short learning videos is Brain Pump. Many people, but not necessarily experts, can contribute to Brain Pump. Topics vary widely — from nature to automotive. There are even videos available on complex topics like chemistry and physics. Most videos are under ten minutes long.

13. Rype

If you want some one-on-one attention, Rype can help. Rype pairs you with a professional teacher in both Spanish and French. With Rype, you can have unlimited lessons on your time schedule. Your teacher will provide you with a personalized lesson plan that fits with your busy lifestyle.

14. Squareknot

Squareknot provides a variety of guides on a huge range of subjects — from gaming walkthroughs to cooking. Users are allowed to upload information and photos to create these guides. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, you can also request that a guide be made on a certain subject as well.

15. Flowkey

Learning to play the piano no longer requires an instructor. Instead, you can use flowkey to practice notes and chords through any piano or keyboard. It allows you to play a variety of songs, many of which you will recognize from famous artists. This interactive learning platform provides feedback right away so you can learn quickly.

16. Zizle

Few learning platforms allow you to learn Mandarin Chinese, but Zizzle is an app that can help. The app uses stories and interesting characters to help you learn, instead of memorization. They also offer workbooks to use along with the app as well.

17. Word of the Day

Increase your English vocabulary with Word of the Day. This app gives one word each and every day, along with its meaning. It may also give you some history on the word as well. Impress your friends with your new vocabulary, and some trivia too!

18. Owl

Get a new fact every day with Owl. Owl sends you one interesting fact every day to keep your learning daily. Each fact is handpicked by the developers from Reddit. It is easy to share to Facebook and Twitter and the interface is extremely simple.

19. Flash Academy

FlashAcademy is a great way to help you learn a new language through games and other learning tools. It also uses flash cards and has a translator tool. Lessons are only five minutes so you can digest the information quickly and efficiently. It is currently available in four languages.

20. Enki

Sharpening your programing skills is easy with enki. Each lesson is considered a “workout” for your brain. The app tracks your progress and lets you unlock challenges by successfully completing workouts and challenges. Lessons are offered in tidbits each day for consistent, short learning that easily morphs into a habit.

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