Remote Year at One Second a Day

Do you want to see what Remote Year is like, but don’t have an entire year to spare? Why not check out my experience? Besides reading about it in six minutes, you now have the option to see it (also in six minutes):

In short; I shot one second of video every day, and put them behind each other for your enjoyment — well, and mine of course. The result is strangely mesmerizing, however chaotic it may be.

It will be hard to understand what I’ve been doing every single day, but you’ll definitely notice a few things:

  • There are side trips. Oh yes, there are side trips. Long ones, short ones, relaxed ones and intense ones. One that you’ll definitely notice near the end is our climbing of two mountains in Ecuador and reaching 20.000ft!
  • There are workdays. Also a lot; it’s called remote working for a reason! I managed my clients, got new ones and published a book, which shows up in a few seconds as well.
  • I’ve had a few injuries (often caused by things visible a few seconds before…), which will show up as me being grumpy, tired or bedridden.
  • You’ll see some gyms, some restaurants, some friends and some modes of transport….in other words, a little bit of everything!

Even being this short and unstructured, I think it gives a nice idea of the variety of what this year has been for me, and maybe can be for you — I hope you enjoy!

If you want to learn more about working remotely or Remote Year, start here.

I couldn’t have put it better than this bar in Montevideo. #remoteyear